Lyle Lyle, Crocodile! Erm, I mean 'Lindsey Lindsey Crocodile' *REVEAL*


Nov 25, 2010
Palm Beach, Florida
So I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Gray Croc Lindsey. Like, I put the SAs at my store on notice as soon as one of the TPFers scooped the style number. By some strange miracle, Ms. Gray Croc Lindsey happened to arrive 2 weeks after I started back at Coach as a seasonal employee. Score!!!

So the day before the new floorset, I was in the back room carefully pawing the new bags labeled "FLOORSET! DO NOT TOUCH!" (in all fairness, the gal doing the floorset gave me permission to paw a few bags). While I loved Gray Croc Lindsey, I wasn't completely floored by her. She is beautiful, but I think I wanted to be surprised somehow (does that even make sense?). However, Metallic Silver Lindsey had me wiping drool from my chin, likely because I love my large Silver Sophia so much that I would buy the whole world a large Silver Sophia if I could. The Teal Croc Lindsey was just stunning, but I didn't feel I had use for that much square footage in Teal Croc anything. Maybe a clutch or small crossbody, but a big satchel? Never.

So after weighing my options and trying to figure out which was more likely to sell out first- Gray Croc Lindsey or Metallic Leather Lindsey (soooo don't care if she's similar to Silver Sophia), I got my beloved Gray Croc and then clocked in for the evening.

Enter my last customer of the night. She was looking for a new bag for her birthday. She told me point blank that she does not carry black bags. I laughed and told her that a bag being black is actually a selling point for me. She said she needed something with a pop of color, and she all ready had the Persimmon Lindsey. So I showed her the Teal Croc Lindsey. She loved it, especially the color, but was unsure. I explained that me being the Princess of Darkness, I had just purchased the same bag but in Gray Croc. She looked at me and said, "Really? I think you should have gotten the Teal Lindsey. The color matches your eyes."

Remember "Empire Records", when Ethan Embry is watching GWAR after eating the 'special' brownies? I wanted to yell at this girl, "YOU LOVE COACH SO MUCH, YOU SHOULD COME WORK IN MY STORE!"

Wow. So my customer sold *ME* a bag. In all fairness, I sold her one too, but MEGA snaps for sealing the fate of a bag with one sentence.:lol:

So, here is an okay shot of my two new girls (shot with natural light from window just to give you an idea of how bright the teal can be; the gray is actually much darker):


Bag Lady
Nov 26, 2008
Gorgeous bags, and bonus points for the Empire Records reference! I was madly, deeply in love with Ethan Embry for quite a while after that movie came out! :biggrin:
Oct 10, 2010
Northern California
Gorgeous bags!! My fave SA showed me the wallet in teal last weekend so I could see the color. It is such a beautiful shade of blue!! I love both of your new girls.

Congrats, AliMarie!!


Dec 12, 2010
Vegas, baby!
Gorgeous!!! Hilarious that the customer sold you on a handbag. My SA is trying to get me to buy the teal Lindsey. She thinks I need more of this color in my collection. I, however, am waiting for the teal woven Caroline coming out this spring.

Congrats on the beautiful new additions to your collection!


Loves Charms & Bags
Feb 17, 2009
I saw the gray croc Lindsey at Bloomies a couple of weeks ago, and it is stunning. It looks like the teal is just as beautiful. Congrats on getting two great bags.


Jun 11, 2011
Calgary, AB Canada
Argh!!! I want the grey croc Lindsey more than I can express!!! But I just can't afford to pay FP! Wah! I'm so scared I'll never find one at my outlet and will be stuck forever without it!


Jun 5, 2008
Your bags are beautiful. Based on the linings you have a matched set. You must keep them and enjoy using them both.


Nov 25, 2010
Palm Beach, Florida
Thanks again!
I will add that my first impression is that the leather on these seems a bit smooshier than the Croc Embossed Sophia from last year. I mean, Sophia got smooshier as she got broken in, but these seem smooshy from the get-go, with the Gray definitely being softer than the Teal. Could be my imagination, and it could also be the way the fabric is cut on a larger bag.