Lying Friend And Her "Paddy"

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  1. EDIT: I've just remembered that my friend has the link to this site, and I'd rather not be in hot water with her!! Thanks for the listen, ladies!!
  2. The Chloe label on the padlock is indeed way too BIG! :blink: :lol: I'm pretty sure it's a fake.

    Did you take these photos while she's not looking?
  3. Oh no! Its too bad your friend had to lie after all she's your friend-why lie?
  4. Yes, when she stepped away:shame: .
  5. :lol:

    It looks fake, the "Chloe" stamped on the lock is humongous! :blink:
  6. What color is that? Pink?

    It's sad how she had to make up a story and show off a fake. >___<
  7. That's what I thought as soon as I saw it! I was so proud of my newfound purse forum knowledge, but I don't think anyone would've appreciated it! All I wanted to do was hop on the computer, and get some feedback from my purse-buddies!:lol:
  8. Oh Snap!
  9. wow, that's not even a good fake...

  10. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ! You are soooooo funny!:lol: :lol: ! Taking pictures when she stepped away! Sounds like something I would do! She would DIE of :shame: if she saw this here on the PF! I honestly don't mean to make fun of her. I guess she feels that she has to compete with you for some reason. Poor thing. If she is your friend, just go along with it I suppose. Poor thing. Geesh....
  11. Such a bummer. I just wish people especially "friends" could just be truthful. Its so hard to try and trust again when youve been lied to. But not to worry, we are all your HONEST friends here!! Right PF Girls?!!
  12. Ranskimmie, since I comment on all your photos, I just wanted to let ya know that your son is adorable, and you are gorgeous!! Cute picture!!
  13. Oh my:shame: Thank you!
    I changed my avatar cause my sweet Misty pup is missing:cry: I cant bare to look at the picture right now.
  14. Oh my gosh! :sad2: Here's to her safe return!!
  15. Thank you so much. I wrote about it on my thread today called "Its my Birthday I'll cry if I want to" :worried: