LVXLOL limited edition Neverfull

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  1. I saw this on LV website, thinking of purchasing, what do you think of the pattern? Is it too busy? CDF5DC44-27D0-48E1-9DF3-5A900FF50306.png
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  2. Love it!
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  3. Love it. Wish it was the blue version though.
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  4. Admittedly, I am not a LOL fan... but this is a hard pass for me. It looks like a LV x JerseyShore™ limited edition.
  5. It’s between the LVXLOL OR THIS WORLD TOUR ONE. what do you think of this one? Thanks for your advice. Not so busy pattern. 4C3E7B23-D796-48A2-B317-85B7698901F7.png
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  6. I order but asked them to cancelled nothing feels exclusive about this collection And it’s not even selling one week on all items add to bag on uk site plus 4 months wait
  7. I prefer the World Tour between the two.
  8. I tried to love it, but I just don’t. I do love the WT version though.
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  9. I prefer World Tour - not a fan of LOL
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  10. Love it!
  11. I love the pattern - neutral but interesting, and the black straps!! :hbeat:
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  12. Prefer WT, however, I'm admittedly not a fan of either. I don't like embellished canvas bags with the exception of Mon Mono.
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  13. Beauty is subjective, I really love this bag and ordered it but absolutely hated the Geant Neverfull and didn't care for the Jungle Collection either. It's been very interesting that most people seem to hate the LOL items, other than the Speedy, but it's probably mostly selling out due to it's coveted size.
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  14. I really dislike.
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  15. pass
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