LVUK Problems

  1. Has anyone tried to order from LVUK today .. I just tried to order an item on my dads CC and its keeps saying secure authentication and wont move off the payment page

    Just curious if its problems with the website,. or the website does not liek my dads card :tdown:

  2. what type of card is it they don't accept some I had the same problems before I thinks it's maestro cards they have problems with
  3. no its a visa
  4. i ordered from LVUK before with my visa and they did ask about security authorisation.

    cant remember exactly what it said but i had to set up a new password to use my visa card with LV before LV allows the transaction to go through.

    hope this helps
  5. ok that is strange with a visa maybe it just security measures someone else was saying that there are more fraudulant credits cards go through Vuitton than any other website (although I think eBay would still beat that)
  6. maybe just wait until tomorrow and call customer services