LVSweetness's Revolving RM Collection!

  1. oh that one is a MAM , they're actually all MAMs, except the 4 on the one side that is purple, dark navy, black, and tan

    i think the mam u are ttalking about is Stone? is it like a latte color?
  2. You should also added a "loved and lost" post. I know you have had more then that Go through your closet !
  3. Beautiful collection !
  4. hah yeah huh, i do wish i could get some that i sold back.. sigh.. had such old school gems:sad:
  5. thanks so much!
  6. :faint::faint::faint::faint::drool::drool::drool::drool:
  7. Yes, geez its a beauty!! :drool:
  8. ^ lol spartan

    and thanks espinosa!
  9. You have a fabulous collection!!! :ghi5:
  10. thanks geekygrrrl! :smile::smile:
  11. You have great taste & I'm happy to finally see the ones that made the cut. I comletely die for both Leaf and Persimmon. Both, bc I love the bright colors, and because I love short, finished tassles.

    I enjoy patrolling your "Sold" section on bonanza. It's a treasure-trove of great bags....may of which I'd love to own, even just if it's for one day. Thank you for sharing your collection!!!
  12. ^^ thanks robin!

    u should see my eBay sales section heh

    oooooooh how i want some back lol
  13. WOW!!! What a gorgeous collection of bags!! I love the black haze 3 zip and the leaf & stone(?) MAMs! Thanks for sharing!
  14. :nuts: What a great collection! I love them all, but especially the perforated MAB!
  15. What a NICE collection, lv! NICE!

    Can I come over and play? I'll bring the Noir Nikki to say hi to you again! :biggrin: Wonderful collection, lv. Love it!