LVs you didn't like until you saw them carried in person

  1. today at work i saw a very stylish woman carrying a cabas mezzo. i always thought that style was too old and stuffy for someone my age, but she was only a few years older than me and it looked fantastic. she was totally dressed down in a juicy track suit and flip flops and obviously on vacation (since you know, it is the beach)...the bag still worked! :smile: i am so in love. this revelation also coinsides nicely with trying on the BH and BV last week and deciding they are SO not for me. :smile: i probably won't buy one until i have a baby and need my hands free, but it's nice to know there's a shoulder bag out there that i might be able to tolorate. :smile:

    what bags have you changed your mind about after seeing them on others?

    (and totally OT: i feel like i'm always starting my posts with the phrase "today at work...." hehe)
  2. Hmm I always thought the LV bucket was just too... "bucket" but then I saw someone wearing it, and it just looked GOOD. But it didn't look great on ME. Which ends up meaning that though it may look great on others, it may not do the same for yourself.
  3. The MC line. In photos, it just looked juvenile and way too busy, then I saw a black MC Speedy in person and loved it!
  4. Same here for me. Now I want a bucket!
  5. The monogram canvas! I used to think Epi was the classiest, most durable, and plain most attractive, but after trying it on in the store, I really want a Hudson GM!
  6. I didnt care for the denim line until seeing pics of it with PF members modeling them.
    THEN when I saw them in person I really fell in love:love: . It sealed the deal
  7. I never liked the Noe until I bought one from a boardie! It was a heck of a deal, so I went for it. When I got it, I fell instantly in LOVE!!!!! It's such a great bag and is now my all time favorite. It's a total workhorse and since I have it in epi, I don't have to worry about carrying it out in the rain or spilling something on it.
  8. SAME HERE!!! It's one of my favorite bags right now!!!:love:
  9. Me too. I love the look of it.:love:
  10. I also agree--the bucket, especially in damier.

    I had walked by it the boutique a hundred times and never gave it another look, until i saw it on someone--SO cute!
  11. i didn't like the damier belem pm when i saw it online. but when i saw it on someone at the grocery store, i fell in love with it!!! i bought it and am now waiting for it to arrive next week! :love:
  12. I really didn't like the whole denim collection, but after viewing pics of everyone's, I really love them!!!!! They are really different and awesome looking.
  13. damier.. i was never a fan of the "checkerboard" feel of it all.. always looked funny.. it wasn't instant love after looking at it in store though.. it was gradual.. it grew on me more. i like it now, but i still dont have anything damier. hah. damier wapity how cute would that be?
  14. I didn't look twice at the bucket until I saw someone carrying one, then I had to have it! I'm looking to get a Damier bag later this year. I'll either get the Saleya or the Marias (Damier version of bucket). Plus, the bucket styles come with an accessory pouch!
  15. I think the mono Speedy. I didn't like it and thought there would be sooo many people that had them. That is, until the day I saw only a few people in my area carrying them around who rocked it w/ a classic look. I had to have one....I think I could rock the dark patina for a while til it got on my nerves. ;) :lol: