LVs with Flap - Scratches! e.g. Rita, Ursula, Marilyn, Beverly

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  1. Does your flap also shows sign of vertical scratches? I know with constant use, this will happen since pushing the flap always rubs against the bar (what i mean by bar is the one which keeps the flap in place). Those of you who don't have scratches, how do you maintain it? I am contemplating on buying the MC Beverly, but now I'm afraid that if I buy that, the flap's scratch might be so visible and it wouldn't look good anymore after a year. I have just used my Rita for less than 25 times, and it already showed vertical scratches. When i bought it, i forgot that flap do make scratches!
  2. Oops now you tell me after I got the you have pictures of the scratches?

  3. Do you mean scratches on the metal clasp?

    I avoid bags with these types of clasps. My Denim Speedy has two front pockets with those but I simply never use those pockets :Push:
  4. i don't have a metal clasp on my lv, but the buckle on the knightsbridge scratches easily
  5. these happen you can't really help it. i love the looks of the clasp tho. my pleaty and mini pleaty have scrathes on the clasp and thats because i have to open and close my bag. can't be super carefull all the time...
  6. I love those clasps and scratching is normal, however--they can be replaced once they get too yucko! I plan to do this every five years or so.
  7. You already got the Beverly? which one, the MC or the Mono? Congrats! it's still a beautiful bag, and yes we just need to be a little more careful when using it.

    Here are the photos:

    IMG_9725 copy.jpg

    IMG_9726 copy.jpg
  8. i love the clasp bags but i also worry about scratches. Well i worry about scratches on all of my LV's hardware x
  9. Yes, i mean the clasps! The scratches on the clasps. Thanks for telling me! I had a hard time thinking what the right term to use, haha :P

    I do love the clasps too! They're pretty. It would be so much better if there's a way to make them scratch-free
  10. Its happened on my moms Manhattan, it just happens to all bags with the buckle. I think if u dont want the scratches, just dont use it?
  11. My Koala Wallet has minimal scratches on the brass "nose". I would suggest that you polish the "nose" with Brasso and you will see many of the scratches disappear or at least not be as prominent.
  12. Yes, the scratches are unfortunately inevitable. I still like the Rita though.
  13. i have the rita and I never use that front pocket ever so mine doesnt have any scracthes..
  14. This is one of those things that are inevitable. I just live with it and not look too closely on the clasp.
  15. yeah~:tup:
    same as my Marc Jacobs handbag (the one looks like manhanttan) , i never use those pockets to prevent scratches.
    btw, i have used the MJ wallet for a year which have to use the metal clasp to open and close. the metal clasp is still shinny although it has scratches, :okay:and you will get used to it.
    i think it's no big different when you use 25 times or hundred times;)

    but i will avoid using the pocket if i don't have something really need to put in there.:sweatdrop: