LVs + upside down and rightside up?


formerly Purse-onality
Nov 10, 2006
Boca Raton, Fl
Hi Ladies (and gents). i am not sure am asking this question in the correct place....forgive me if not...but in the Bellevue vernis GM, are the LVs right-side up on the front and the back of the bag? (re: no side having the LVs upside down) TIA! :wondering:flowers:


Dec 22, 2008
I have the bellevue PM (which is the smaller size) and the LVs are the right way up on the front and the back NO SIDE HAVE THEM UPSIDE DOWN the bag has an extra peice of leather on the bottom and a seam joining the bottom and the sides. the speedy for eg have the LVs upside down on the back because they use one peice of canvas that wraps from the front to the back without a seam joining it so for the LVs to be right way up on the front of the bag it ends up the other way on the back. i think this is what causes the speedy to sag. hth