LV's Requested in my Will

  1. Weird, huh.

    I'm having surgery and need to do wills, living wills, etc. Being as I have no family I've always joked with one of purse girlfriends (one who understands) that I will leave her my LV collection.

    Well, she specifically called me in Hawaii to tell me to do my will before surgery cause she wants my LV's. But, she hasn't offered to help me at all, be my watch, come check on me etc.

    I've had to arrange with other girlfriends, who will pick me up, blah, all the stuff and I've decided that I will be allocating my collection and material belongings to those who have actually been there for me.

    Not to someone who just wants to get together for a drink after work and is not really there.

    On the other hand, i feel really proud of myself that I have acquired beautiful things in this lifetime that people actually do want and how I'll be remembered.

    So, That makes me very happy.

    I'm sure that everything will be fine, but just in case, I want my precious babies going to special caring people who actually helped. KWIM:yes:
  2. I couldn't even make it past this statement. Are you kidding me? Make sure she is nowhere near a plug to any of your monitoring machines....
  3. Veronika, best of wishes for you going into surgery...I'm sure you will do just fine and we hope you'll be back to tPF soon after your surgery!

    I cannot believe your "friend" would call you to remind you to do a will BECAUSE SHE WANTS YOUR LV BAGS! :cursing: That is ridiculous!!!!
  4. agreed with those above. don't give her anything!
  5. lol. will Do heehee, good one. I have also changed my life and just walked out on the job that was killing me...:yahoo:

    Now, I will definately live long enough to enjoy my babies! PLUS, new Gucci and shoes have arrived and not even delivered yet...

    thanks bags and shoes, will keep the hellhounds at bay:nuts:
  6. I hope you get better soon, and hope that surgery will help you get better. I'm sure you will be fine.

    But I guess if you do have to do a will up....there's no need for one person to receive all your precious Louies. I'm sure everyone around you knows how precious they are to you and how much you your LVs mean also.

    Your in my prayers...Get Well Soon!
  7. Thanks Sweetie! It's pretty creepy, I mean, really I could see it if she was saying , I'll be there, I'm picking you up, sitting with you, staying with you, will be your family, then I'd be like sure.... but... uh, there has been no offer of help, already said...

    people are strange, ya gotta love em, but protect yourself too!:yes:
  8. I wish you the best of luck.
  9. You definatley are the right thing giving it to your friends who are looking after you! OMG your work friend has got a nerve!!
    Hope you get better soon V xx
  10. Thanks everyone! I'll see ya soon!

  11. Best of luck with your surgery!
    I'm sure everything will be ok
    As for your friend she sounds creepy!

  12. huh??? :wtf: r u kidding me???? :mad::bagslap: don't give her a da** thing!!! best of luck with your surgery!
  13. ITA, how horrible of her to 'remind' you of that!?:cursing: Oh you will be fine with the surgery, best of luck! Will keep u in my prayer~:flowers:
  14. Good luck on surgery...I would be like...what???
  15. That was very tacky of your "friend."

    Wishing you the best on your surgery and a long happy life.