LV's quality

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  1. So I went to LV boutique with my husband last V day to choose my gift. I decided to get me a wallet. I browsed thru all from Sarah, Zippy, French purse... as well as Emilie and Josephine... I paid extra attention to the small details since I expect the best from LV. However, I was so disappointed the momment I checked out the French purse's large bill compartment. The clumsy leather cuts really catch my attention on a visible place. I believe the leather cut should be a straight line, not a broken line. It seems that they've used the cheap blunt scissors to cut it. It's hard to describe without the illustration since English is not my mother tongue. I appologize it.
    I've been debating it myself that maybe it was a display wallet, so LV might choose the "second quality" product to show customers ???!!! But also, I think if it were a display item, it should always be the best item to catch their attention. And if it falls on the second extend, then LV's quality must be really poor then.
    I strongly believe since LV is a well-known brand, the products should be inspected carefully before handing to the end users.
    I felt so bad to spend big bucks on such poor details.
    I still love LV, however, I think it's time to find me another lover...
  2. Forgot to mention, I ended up getting out with a rouge Josephine. I'm not sure if that was my last LV...
    I've done my venting. Thank you.
  3. kinda seems like the quality of everything is going down, but the prices are going up : ( There's a point until you realize that yes, it's an expensive luxury item you're buying, but they are clearly ripping you off.
    Totally agree with you.
  4. I don't think LV is the only brand with quality issues. If you check the other boards, quality issues runs across all price points. Even then it seems that there are more reported problems with certain styles/models than with others.

    Just remember to inspect your purchases before you leave the store.
  5. Mimster I agree. I am fans of other lines like Gucci, Burberry and Fendi. Plenty of other TPFers have had quality issues with those as well. However most of us seem pretty happy once we find a good one. I love LV and will continue to be loyal to it. I am sorry your experience was not as good. I hope you can enjoy your wallet. Congrats!
  6. i agree its happening with all designers. im a coachie as well. the quality has gone down big time. i dont think its just with the purses either cloths are made thinner every month lol. food containers smaller but cost more.
  7. I got the mono zippy 2 yrs ago and I think the quality is outstanding on my wallet. It has been heavily used ever since and it still looks brand new, even the card slots which get used a lot, they still lay perfect. I just got my mono Galliera and was looking it over and it looks flawless to me. I hope you have as good of luck with your new wallet as I have had. My other 2 bags, mono speedy and denim baggy are pretty perfect too. I know some have problems with NF straps, so maybe its certain lines that are not up to par.