LVs product after service vs. coach!?!

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  1. Happy holidays everyone!!!!

    Ive been shopping for x-mas presents early this year....and went to the coach store to pick up a few items....and learned a bit about their policies.

    And I was really surprised...they fix everything except damaged leather for free with free shipping for the first year...than charge shipping which is $20 from then on, still fixing everything for free besides the actual leather damages of wear and tear.....the SA was telling me that a customer got new straps and zippers after 5 years of carring this true!!!!!!!!

    As far as I know LVs will only replace defects and hardware for the first year and then will do simply glazing of edges of products for the first 2 years or so...then its nothing and we have to there any other service available that they do not charge???????

    This is Coach costs wayyyy less and still they beat most high-end designer bags in after service......:wtf: I am totally distrubed by this fact.....
  2. Wow!! I didn't know this. I don't know why LV doesn't offer more like Coach, it would only make sense....Thanks for sharing!
  3. Thanks for sharing...great policy I wished LV has the same policy
  4. ....To add...LVs do have the quality....the coach pieces seemed like the quality was getting being made in China...but still.....

    I know that once LV used to do the same with replacing straps and zippers....makes no sense at all!!:yucky: :hysteric:
  5. Coach has ALWAYS had outstanding long term service:yes:
  6. they will also completely replace a bag if it is beyond their ability to repair a bag.
  7. honestly i love the service i get from being inside a coach store more than being in a vuitton store. mainly because they know that they're not WAY up there so they're not as snooty. i just feel more comfy being inside.

    i do love lv though. i just don't like going inside to buy cause the SAs mistreat me cause i look like i'm 16.

    everytime i go to lv to talk about a problem w/ my bag, they just tell me oh thats just wear and tear. even if its not. maybe the SAs where i go are just lazy?
  8. They told me that they will give 40% off of a new bag, if the correction or replacement cannot be made but no longer take responsiblity for the whole bag in terms of wear and tear.....Which made me realize that prior to recent policy...

    They used to replace the whole bag......:wtf: They even take the bag to "spa treatment" to make it look better when worn.....truely stunning.....:crybaby:
  9. Wow, I did not know this! I wonder what happened to the girl who posted not too long ago about the lv SA telling her to glue the trap together? Coach seems like a much better buy in this respect.
  10. So true....I dont like being in an LV store either...its not enjoyable.....:s The Coach SA was like "How would you want me to wrap these?" She was more than helpful...she was adorable....Im totally freaking out.....:hysteric:
  11. .....It gets worse.....they offer 25% off in the mail when you are their good standing customer...........Now if this is not the best policy ever I have heard...I dont know what would be...this is toally insane!!!!!!:shrugs:
  12. yes but the quality of Coach has gone down hill in the last three years...that it's overpriced for crap
  13. Coach has a wonderful policy, LV should have the same.
  14. Yeah....It did get worse from the last time I visited which was about a year ago...their leather seemed pretty bad..execept mabye the legacy line.....

    It seemed like it would damage if it were to be really roughed up....LVs will take the abuse and then some for question!!!!

    Its just the!!!!!!! Now I think wayyyy different of Coach....maybe will pick up a few things for myself in the future.....:smile:
  15. It's a great policy, but Coach has gone down hill these last couple of years. They need a policy like that because many bags have been defected or poor quality.