LV's on Ugly Betty this week?

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  1. I only saw the last few minutes but I think Wilehmena was carrying LV - and on the commercial I thought Alexis was also carrying one.

    Was it a 2 Louis night???
  2. Wilwhmena has carried a leopard polly in episodes past. I don't remember alexis (the tran right?) carrying one. But anyway I LUV ugly betty. The funny thing is she is really not all that ugly even all made up ugly. It should just be called AVERAGE BETTY.
  3. i think Wilehmena was carrying an LV last nite but i only got a side view when she was taking her coat off. I believe daniel's mom was carrying a hermes, but i only caught a glimpse. I should have been paying closer attention...
  4. Voila- here's the leopard Polly in all of it's fake glory:
  5. Yep- a Birkin that was most likely fake as well.
  6. U sure its fake. There was a close up shot (like less than a foot away) in one episode and it look gooood.
  7. Isn't that the only bag she carries? You can go watch it on
  8. 100%. The Polly does not have that external pocket (as seen below):
  9. OK.:heart:
  10. Alexis was wearing a Chanel grand shopper in black.
  11. mmm, maybe LV makes special bags for UB, you know, because of the advertisment??? ooohhh i wish i worked for mode!!!
  12. the front desk assistannt (her name escapes me) was carrying a Suhali.
  13. If they for gods sake has to have a fake in a show about the fashion industry, shouldn't they at least get one that's not *that* obvious? I'm sure there are fakes out there without that exterior pocket etc.
  14. here's the bag

  15. Yes, I remember that I screen shot the pic and post on the forum. ;)
    It's a fake. By the way the Gucci bag that Betty got, was it a fake too?
    It looked nice though.