LVs on Ebay?

  1. i've been watching some auctions online, specifically for LV l'ingenieux, and it doesn't seem like any of them sell at full price or even close to full price. is this because of all the fakes out there? or is there really just not a market for these on ebay anymore? what do you guys think?
  2. Good question! I have been wondering this too, but with Vernis and Epi. I have noticed the easy to spot fake, but have seen a lot of the authentic going for less than retail.
  3. Nahh... I doubt it.

    Most of the time handbags sell for less because they've been USED. :yes:
  4. well i dunno, like balenciagas for example... some people sell them way beat up for over retail price! but for LVs that are almost in pristine condition, although slightly used, it seems they go for WAY below retail.
  5. I saw maby reputable sellers having a hard time selling those suhali bags even at $1000 less than the retail, and the bags were new.
  6. I would suggest posting the link in the authenticate this LV thread. Some people here in the forum are so knowlegable and can really help teach you to identify the fakes!
  7. well i'm curious because i wanted to sort of clean out my closet... but i just didn't know why it seems suhali bags are so hard to sell. is it cos they're not popular anymore?
  8. Some bags just hold their resale value better than others. In addition, a lot of people have bought bags some time before which means they were cheaper than they are now with the price increases that have gone by !