Lv's New Winter Collection!

  1. I Posted Another Thread But In The Wrong Section Here Is A Peek Of Two Of My Favorite Bags.
    00040f.jpg 00090f.jpg 00130f.jpg 00140f.jpg
  2. Love that metallic! I tried to get on a waitlist today but it hasn't been started yet :lol:
  3. Love them!
  4. Do you know the price of the speedy?
  5. oh my god that speedy is fantastic
    i need to get me one of that
  6. I think I saw a bronze/copper metallic Alma. I would get it if it's in gold or bronze and if it's not too pricey.
  7. LV told me that they have NO information on the bags. A number of the bags apparently won't be produced. Or if they're produced it will be for a VERY select few, like 5 of one bag. Those five will get offered to the top LV spenders and then they'll go down the list if the person turns it down...

    Hopefully some of them will actually wind up in mass production!
  8. You know people on just can't wait to replicate those bags. I pity the people who will buy them thinking they're real.

  9. Yes, there are certain bags that are more or less strictly "runway showcase" - bags that won't be massed produced or even limited edition.

    And in reference to the metallic speedy, is it made of patent leather?
  10. limited edition..yummmmyyy.. it seems all lv handbags collections becoming limited!
  11. I can't wait to see what is produced in the fall! The two tone bags are my favorite!
  12. That's usually the case, it is so frustrating, I wish they wouldn't show bags they aren't going to produce. :sad: You never know which ones will be produced and which ones will not when you're watching the fashion show.
  13. Nooooo! I want the alma!!! Ahhhh!
  14. Those are so sweet. I don't really know how to explain it but it's weird in the I love it kind of way.
  15. I like the alma and the noe and the speedy and the papillon. :sad: