LV's make everything look better!


Jul 13, 2008
New Jersey
Hey galz,

This is kind of random but it just gets me so excited to talk about it! I've just recently started collecting LV's and one of the things I love most about the bags are that they make every outfit you wear look 10x better! It's a kind of confidence that really makes me feel good and boosts my mood. :yahoo:

Makes every penny worth my purchase, in my opinion.

Share your thoughts! Do you agree/disagree? Can't wait to hear from all of you lovely ladies. :smile: Do bags you love make you feel great?


Go Big Or Go Home
Feb 24, 2009
OMG YES!!!! I could be really dressed up or wearing yoga pants and a hoodie but having one of my LV's with me makes me feel so happy!!! It just gives me that little something extra that helps me to feel great! I also love seeing others with LV - I feel like they are my LV sister/brother - LOL!!!


Ahhhh...I'm falling!
May 7, 2008
When I was riding the bus home after work (yeah, I commute and driving through downtown is a total nightmare), a lovely young girl had to compliment me on my Damier Ebene Speedy 35. She said it's such a pretty bag. She was all adoration and wished me a great night! :blush: That was nice. :yes:

Deleted member 20806

you could be naked and your LV bag would make it feel like your outfit (or lack there of lol) is utterly complete and fab!
Jan 15, 2009
I COMPLETELY AGREE. Haha I actually think I have skimped a little on my style recently because I feel so confident with my bags. I dont care as much about what I wear. I feel like because im carrying a Lv bag it doesnt matter