LV's lifetime warranty

  1. I have a question about LV's lifetime warranty. My Petit Noé is pretty used...the straps are absolutely patina-ed to's SO dark brown and the leather has curled up on the edges and it's just so worn. and the drawstring is patina-ed to death as well. BUT the damn strap won't BREAK! i was wondering if i could bring my bag anyway and get the straps replaced or something? because they are bordering on offensive...haha.
  2. That sounds like regular wear. They'll charge you for the leather replacement.
  3. Yes you can have leather replaced but you will have to pay, sounds like regular use to me.
  4. Yup, I'm guessing somewhere in between $200-$300 roughly? :shrugs:
  5. There is no life time warranty.
  6. I have never heard of a lifetime warranty from LV..... Even if they did, they would always say it was wear and tear or from not being careful. You will have to pay for the leather to be replaced, like john5 said I would guess 200-300$$$
  7. Sounds like you need a new one. :p
  8. As others have said this will be at your cost but the repair costs are very good as it goes - I had my straps replaced on my Damier Soho (trapped one in car door) and I had my Damier Salsa short strap converted to a long strap - total cost $215
  9. Yeah you'll have to pay for the vachetta replacement yourself but it's definitely worth it, you'll have a brand new looking bag. :yes:
  10. Does anybody know if they can change the leather straps on the sides?
  11. of course! :yes:
  12. You can get the leather replaced on it, but you have to pay. I'm not sure how much though
  13. Yup, they can redo all the vachetta.
  14. after paying to get it all replaced, might just be worth it to buy a new bag. sounds like you sure got your moneys worth this bag. i would get a new bag.
  15. Thanks, everyone for your replies! :heart::smile::heart: But, yeah, if that's how much it's gonna cost then I guess it would be worth a newer, preowned bag. LOL!!