LVs in Toronto

  1. Can all my Toronto/Canadian LV lovers chime in? ? I am moving from NYC to Toronto in April and I am going back and forth between getting a speedy 30 in mono canvas or damier canvas. In NY (in my circle/colleaugues/socio-economic bracket --- please don't crucify me), mono canvas bags are not looked upon favorably because of the proliferation of 16 year olds with them and also due to the abundance of fakes out there due to Canal Street and the like. As such, if I was staying in New York I would definitely get the damier speedy. BUT, I think I would get more use out of the mono speedy because the damier canvas IMO is a touch masculine (and I, on the other hand, am super fem). So that's a long-winded way to ask what is the perception of mono canvas in Toronto?
  2. I think you'd be fine with either. When you walk the streets of Toronto, especially Bloor St and Yorkville, you see a smattering of everything. I don't think we look down upon mono canvas here. I would get what you love and think you will get the most use out of. What about an epi Speedy instead? It's available in such feminine colors.
  3. I am in NY and the speedy is still the "it" classic bag. You can tell the Canal Street verison from the real deal. The ones downtown are so obvious fake, also they have fake of everybag that LV makes so their is no bag you will not see a fake of in NYC
  4. Heyyy.. I'm looking to go the other way - moving from Toronto to New York !

    And I think that there isn't any particular perception on monogram either way. It seems like everyone carries monogrammed speedies, young girls with hand me downs, older ladies with super worn in ones etc.
  5. I think Mono in Toronto is fine too. And is recognized as a classic (not just for the younger generation).
  6. Well, that's why I quantified it with "in my circle/colleauges/etc." And among my NY circle we would not buy a speedy in mono canvas. Of course we know the difference b/t real and fakes, but we just don't want any part of it. **I do not want this to be a "defense of mono" thread. I want opinions from Toronto women. Thanks.

    Anywho, thanks for the Toronto responses ... keep 'em coming. I think because there is no "Canal Street" a mono canvas should be fine. I do love Epi and I have two Epis already, but I think for a speedy I want something less structured.

  7. Good luck! NYC is the best. You will :heart: it here.
  8. Hey there! Glad to have another LV lover coming to Toronto! hehe I don't think people care too much about what kind of LV bags you have. Of course you see fakes, but they aren't as abundant as in NYC, and on Bloor Street, you see a mix of all kinds of bags. Honestly, just get what makes you happy! I see all kinds of people with real mono speedies, and I don't think people really notice too much.
  9. I personally prefer Damier more...

    I don't link mono --> to fakes automatically, it's just that I'm more into subtle things nowadays...
  10. It'll be fine which ever you choose, since there are a lot of real mono's here; but I say go for the damier :smile:
  11. Thanks to all the Toronto gals for the comments! Very insightful ... Can't wait to spend my summer afternoons on Bloor and in Yorkville! :yahoo:
  12. Why don't you get a Suhali Lockit.

    I'm sure your Socio/Economic group would approve of that!!!
  13. No, we have Spadina Ave. and Yonge St. instead!
  14. There is no Canal Street but there is Pacific Mall with their share of replicas.

    Toronto is a great city to be in. It is extremely multi-cultural and I find that people are accepting of all social backgrounds. No one will judge you on whether you have a Mono or Damier. I love NYC too as I go there frequently but Toronto is home :smile: Welcome!!
  15. Pacific Toronto? Where is that??!!