LVs in different countries

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  1. Hi everyone

    I need to 'vent'. :cry:

    Is there anyway that a LV bag sold in Europe be different from a LV bag sold in Asia? Some of you might know that I had a LV Suhali L'Amiable recently and there is no compartment in my bag. But after checking with the website and with the kind people from eLuxury, I know there should be 2 inner pockets.....

    eLuxury is from US and the official LV site from Europe. Would the same model be different in this area (i.e. inner pockets) from US, Europe and Asia? :sad:

    Please help. Thanks a million

    (sorry, moderator, if I have posted the wrong thread, kindly help me to move it. Many thanks)
  2. i bought lv from singapore a couple of times and here in us and its all the same. There should not be any difference in inner pockets.
  3. I thought so too. I'm pretty upset now.... why the inconsistency?
  4. that is weird.. i don't have the answer for that?

    Ladies and gent.. anyone? know the answer ?
  5. you should bring it into lv and ask them what you can do to be compensated or something.. i mean you paid a lot of money... bring the receipt with u...
  6. I think they should be the same. As long as you got it from the LV store they should be auth. but bring it to the LV store and let them check it out for you or something. Good luck.
  7. I've noticed that sometimes there are minor differences(eg. pockets). I thought this was not possible, but apparently it is...
  8. Hi Everyone

    Thank you so much for your thoughts. Really appreciate that.

    I went back to the LV boutique earlier and asked for confirmation. The sales assistant told me (after he checked) that the local branches are selling L'Amiable without any inner pocket. He said what I have now could be the new release of a revised version from the same model.

    His reasoning sounds convincing but not totally satisfactory to me:-
    1) does it imply that the LV official site is not updated?
    2) even if the official site is not updated (understandable), does it mean that eLuxury is selling old versions of L'Amiable?

    I wrote to LV (from the official site) just a few minutes ago on my question.

    Feeling a little down :sad: .... I'm pretty sure that my bag is authentic. Just disappointed with the service from that LV shop in my country. The sales person is not fully aware of what's going on relating to the products. He was very insistent for several minutes that all L'Amiable never have inner pockets even though I pointed out to him that the website said otherwise. And he even questioned which website I surfed!? But after a relatively long wait, he came back to us with the theory of revised edition of the same model.

    I need to know if I am making too big a fuss over this matter.....?

    I love this bag (irregardless of whether it is new or old or whatever version).
  9. hummm...If you love the bag why not just enjoy the little differences.=]
  10. I don't mind the little differences. The main thing is, you got yourself a great bag, which is timeless!
  11. thanks a million, Lia and Everevereve. :smile:

    Thanks for reminding me that I should be focusing on this beauty instead of grumbling non-stop about the minor difference. You've knocked me to proper perspective and I am truly appreciative. ;)

    :biggrin: I feel so much better now.:biggrin:
  12. Hi All

    This is an update.

    LV has replied on my question. They confirmed that the new version of L'Amiable does not have any inner pocket.

    For those who are planning to buy the L'Amiable, don't be surprised when you cannot find any compartment in the bag. :biggrin:
  13. Thanks for the update ! I guess I'll probably just hit eBay up when and if I actally get the money together for a suhali piece then ! ;)