LV's for Men???

  1. I want to get my boyfriend something for him birthday but I dunno what to get!!! A bag... belt... keychain??? HELP! If anyone has pics of guys wearing bags or ANY LV, please post!!! I want him to get addicted too:p
  2. How much are you willing to spend?
  3. get him a wallet!
  4. for us men, it always starts with a wallet.... i'd recommend one in black Epi, Taiga or Damier ;)
  5. It depends on what he likes- but for a man, a wallet in Damier, Taiga, or Utah is a safe bet.
  6. I'd go with an black Epi or Damier wallet.
  7. yeah do you have a budget? that way we can help you better...
  8. My husband started his LV collection with a Taiga wallet, which I got him as a Christmas present a few years ago. He has a few things now, all Taiga, and he loves them. He also has a few ties.
  9. My dad likes their ties, wallets, and belts (and he never poses for pics cuz he says he "needs to lose weight" lol).
  10. How old is the guy? But you can't go wrong with a wallet! My 13 year old bro, and my dad love their LV wallets! Maybe you can buy him ties, if he likes them, or what about a belt! I love the belts!
  11. Either a belt or a wallet would be nice :yes:
  12. Epi Wallet 6 CC holder. :biggrin:
  13. i think a simple card holder in either taiga, utah or damier or epi would be hot. or a business card holder too. some guys like to carry their lives in their wallet (like some women) and some guys like to carry just the necessities (which usually is like.. 3 cards: ID, Bank/Check/ATM card, and one credit card or gym card or something like that).. so that may help too. some like to carry huge wads of cash, and some dont like cash.. some like change some don't.

    i think a business card holder or carte simples would be nice.. either would be fine imho. :smile:
  14. your wish list kills me
  15. get him a wallet or card holder something for his pocket ;)