LV's Fall line up 05

  1. [​IMG]

  2. That second one is stunning!
  3. I've seen celebs with the quilted bags. See the cover of Shop mag w/ Angie Harmon.
  4. Yes, don't you just love it:love: . The new series Vienna Monogram from Louis Vuitton But what do I know:embarasse I am a sucker for LV almost anything they design:nuts: I love.
    PS! :idea: Just click on the tumbnail to see the picture closer upp DS!
    2005-6 nr14.jpg 2005-6 nr17.jpg 2005-6 nr13.jpg
  5. They are to NICE
  6. I'm in love with the third one in that set of 3 photos :love: *adds to already long want list*
  7. And my want list also continues to grow... and grow.. and grow!

    If I am going to get an LV bag, I would love one like this- not the classics
  8. I didn't like them at first but the collection is growing on me, I dont think that other collection will though, the one with the weird rainbow colored crap hanging from it!
  9. I have to agree. The fist time I laid my eyes :weird: on it I thought it was some kind of bad fake…:lol: but maybe in a while we will learn to love it?:toung:
    LV sommar 2006 2.jpg LV sommar 2006.jpg
  10. I don't think I like that rainbow thing. It's like the bag I had when I was a kid. I really like that three thumnail that Tintin posted before. I saw the monogram version of that but not as nice though.
  12. Your mum has got some serious gooood taste:toung:
  13. i, too, adore this. adore it beyond words. it's practically perfect. easily my favorite lv that i've ever seen.
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