LV's computer system

  1. Hi everyone! This might be a silly question, but you know how LV takes down your info when you first buy an item from their store (which I know is optional)? Well if you buy from ANOTHER store in another province/state or even in another country, will your new purchase be updated in the computer from the store you usually buy from? Or the computer systems are not in sync so that every store has their own system?:shrugs: THanks!
  2. From my experiences, I don't think they are all in sync, I know I'm often asked if I've purchases from "this" store when I make purchases......I make sure I'm in all the different store systems I've shopped in, especially Hawaii, that way I can order from them if I want....Plus, I've gotten mailing from specific locations in the past.....not just from LV in general....
  3. As far as I know not sync..I moved from other state and when I purchase something from the store, SA asked me to fill in the are not in our system :wtf:
  4. I may be wrong, but I don't think they are all linked together. I always give my info. to each new store I shop at so that if I ever need anything in the future from them, I'll already be in their system.
  5. They see everything. I bought a PTI MC in Paris 6 month ago, when I purchased the same one in NYC (as a birthday gift) the SA pointed the fact that I'm buying the same one. They have to keep everything in the computer to track the parallel market.
  6. I shop here in MI but when I order through Rodeo Drive or Michigan Ave. They recognize my name and # in the computer... and I always ask them to read me my customer # lol at the top under your name

  7. That's interesting..they have international info but not from different state??

    I think we all should have membership card..
  8. I buy from the boston store mainly, but i have bought from store like denver and they had my name on record there. But i think if u buy stuff from like Boutiques at Niemans or Saks andu never been there, then they take ur name again.
  9. Dickies80 explained to us in a other thread that even if you are in the computer they have to write on your information on the paper. For spelling issues they always ask the person to do it. if the client refuse todo it they will do it with the credit card name. Then they handle the paper cards to an other person to enter the new purchase in the computer.
  10. Yes! MEMBERSHIP CARD! lol Iono, cuz I might be travelling to Haiwaii soon and was thinking of getting something from there (I'm thinking of an agenda) cuz it's somewhat cheaper. Yet, I also want to get it heatstamped but not at the Haiwaii store because if they're busy it's gonna take 1-2weeks. So I want to bring it home and get it done there, but I was wondering if they might not do it cuz it's not sold from my home boutique.
  11. One of the SA'S told me that you can type in anyone's name and see what they have bought/where they live... my place does it with celebrities a lot lol
  12. Yeah normally all the stores should be interlinked, mind you though, when I shopped at the ones in Hong Kong two years ago they were like oh we don't have you in the system and I was like WHAT?!?! Haven't I spent enough money to be granted information in your system?! So hopefully it's all good when I go to Hong Kong again next week! :smile:
  13. interesting.. all the stores i shop at, (vegas, scp, hollywood, san diego, beverly hills) all ask me if i shopped there before.. i say "not at this location, but i should be in your system" they look me up, and Tada! i am. of course, so are a million other "jimmy nguyen"s, but me with my address/purchase record is. :smile:

    we do this with celebrities at my work. haha. it's fun to see how cheap or not they are.
  14. does anyone know if our eluxury purchases are in their computer systems?
  15. i'm going to say no, because the web and the store are two completely different retail channels. LVMH as a whole probably would have you on file for both elux purchases and store level purchases, but neither of them can track what you bought unless they physically called each other and asked for the information.

    i'm basing that off most companies that have store & websites.. our company (restoration hardware) is the same.. however, i think Coldwater Creek is all connected, since they used to be a catalog/web based store/brand and now branching into stores, so their systems could/would include both.