LV's cheaper in France?

  1. We're planning a trip to Paris in May :yahoo: and I'm wondering if the white Suhali Lockit PM I'm lusting after would be less expensive if bought in France? Or would it just even out once I paid customs duties? (I'm in the US.)
  2. Obviously the exchange rate changes so you have to keep an eye on it, but you can check the prices on LV's website, I believe, just click France instead of US and there is an eshopping link. My dad got me a purse his last trip in France and after the conversion and VAT refund it was like $200 less than it would've been for me to get the purse in Chicago.
  3. I hope this is true for me bec i go to paris in 3 weeks and im definitely going to LV:wlae: :yahoo:
  4. It will be cheaper since the price you see on already includes taxes and you can get a VAT refund once you exit! Do a search on the topic, there have been a lot of good tips given.
  5. ^^^yep.
  6. Yes it'd be cheaper in France.
  7. definitely cheaper and i wished that i had gotten more stuff when my hubby went to paris. it is best to check out the french LV website for the prices and items before heading there.
  8. LV's are definitely a lot cheaper in france...
  9. yepp.. cheaper in France..if u can get refund back

    I normally buy in Denmark and now Norway...
    I m not form here .. so i can get refund back,, that similar price in France...
  10. Hi, I just came back from Paris late October and yes, everything is definitely cheaper. Some of the smaller items, like key cles, etc. you won't see too much difference ($30-$40), but the bags can be upwards of $100+. Right now, with the euro rising, you're looking at an average of 12-15% difference right off the bat from US prices. Also, if you spend more than 175e in one shop in one day (of course you'll meet this in LV!), you can ask for a tax-refund (called a VAT refund) of an additional 12% by showing your passport (to prove your not an EU resident). The store will prepare your form, then when you exit any EU country, get it stamped by customs at the airport then you mail it.

    Keep in mind if you want a refund by credit card, it can take forever. I came back 10/27 and I just got the refund from LV about 2 1/2 weeks ago. But it was worth all the trouble!
  11. I definitely recommend buying it in France too. :smile:
  12. How bad do you get hit with duty when coming back?
  13. Hi Cindy. Ill be in Paris early next month. Thanks for the tips.
    Got few questions im hoping some of you experienced shopper can help me with:
    Where should we mail the stamped form to? And if we pay by cash, they will mail us the refund check? Also, do I have to get it stamped at the Paris airport? If we're exiting EU from other airport, can we get it stamped there too?
  14. I thought everything was more in France. We were in St Tropez. I am not sure if they have set prices everywhere there like we do here. But it was a little higher.
  15. I'm wondering, is there a limit to the number of pieces of items a tourist can purchase at the LV store in France?