LV's and Paypal

  1. Hi everyone:cutesy: I was wondering if any of you have bought LV from an international seller on eBay and sent your payment thru paypal? Does your bank charge you any transaction fees for money sent to a paypal account outside of the US?

    Thank you! :smile:
  2. I've used Paypal to pay for various purchase and none of the fees have been my responsibility. It should be the seller's responsibility to pay the fees.
  3. I did. No, I was not charged fees.
  4. I don't think they charge the buyer any fees at all, just the seller. And they are some HIGH fees!
  5. Thanks everyone :biggrin:
  6. I think it's something like 3.9%. Most of the time when I sell something I lose around $20 for every $500
  7. The answer is no and yes. As a buyer using Paypal, when you pay (by credit card at Paypal), Paypal doesn't add any charge to you for this. It charges the seller. BUT if you pay and there has to be a currency conversion, you will be charged an additional amount by your credit card company. Most cc companies charge a fee for payments made that involve foreign currency conversion. It amounts to 3% of the total.

    So, you might in fact see an additional charge on your bill, but it wouldn't be from Paypal, it would be a charge from Visa or Mastercard.