Lvs and Education....

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What is your highest level of education?

  1. No High School

  2. High School diploma/GED

  3. Associate Degree (2 year college degree in US)

  4. B.A. or B.S.

  5. M.A. or M.S.

  6. PhD.

  7. M.B.A.

  8. J.D. (Law)

  9. M.D.

  10. R.N. or related nursing degree

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. OK...someone mentioned this in the 'how much do you make' poll and I really think this is interesting. One of the articles posted also mentioned that the whole middle-class/upper-middle class divide can be broken down to education...i.e. those with post graduate degrees seem to be in the upper middle-class.
    So this is totally anonymous....and could be interesting!
  2. I will say that I voted PhD as that is the degree I am currently working please count the degree you are currently working towards (i.e. if you're in college working on a bachelors degree please vote B.A./B.S., etc.)
  3. Wow- I was the first to answer! LOL I have my BA in Journalism.
  4. LOL Crystal! Ya beat me to it :smile: I'm currently working towards a PhD in day to be a professor.
  5. I'm really curious to see how this poll looks after a day or two....
  6. I have a MS in Biological Science
  7. Uhm, I quit university one semester shy of a Bachelor in biology. I have no plans to finish it for the time being so I have no idea what box to pick.
  8. So is my gf! She is so far in debt though! I feel awful for her! She is not married though so she doesn't have anyone to help with the tuition and living expenses!

    I did think about getting my Masters but in my field, to be honest, it didn't really matter. What mattered most was on the job training/experience!
  9. I am only in middle school!
  10. Cool thread!!

    I have my BS in Justice Studies and Social Inquiry with a minor in Sociology.

    I am currently getting my paralegal certification as well....will it ever end?!?!? LOL
  11. LOL Ice! That close....I think definetly pick the bachelors degree box!
  12. I feel that! I was lucky though...I went to a junior college for the first 2 years and worked 40+ hours a week & paid tuition myself...then to a UC in California for the final 2 years and accumulated a small amount of debt for tuition. Now that I'm in grad school it's great! They pay my tuition and pay me a stipend on top of it! Thank goodness because I go to a private university that costs upwards of $40000 a year to go to.
  13. So does anyone have an opinion on whether the level of education influences spending habits on LVs? Does education=more money thus more Lvs? Or does education=better financial planning and thus more LVs? Or any other opinions?
  14. :lol: I just got sooooo bored one day, I had been working in a laboratory all through uni and I just couldn't imagine staying there for the next 20 odd years
  15. MA in English language and literature, with a minor in Italian language and culture.