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  1. What does ₤1045 convert to in US dollars? Maybe I'm not familiar enough with the site, but I don't see the amounts in US currency. Help?
  2. i use the yahoo currency converter.
  3. thank you, I think I used the wrong symbol in my original post. LVR uses Euro, correct? I think the symbol I used is Lira,

    *feels stupid*
  4. You used the British Pounds symbol. LVR is based in GB, but they do post prices in Euros.
  5. OK, much appreciated...

    So I guess everyone was right when they said that would be the least expensive place to get the Paddys, I wonder how much the shipping would be though. :worried:
  6. The shipping is 15 euros (or something like that) and Fedex bills you for the duty. I just got a mulberry from LVR and haven't gotten the bill from Fedex yet (maybe they'll forget me?!?!...whishful thinkin)
  7. My hubby and I operate a large mail order/internet autoparts business - we stopped using FedEx because we were getting the screw from our International Customers.

    For example; fedex sends customer bill, customer throws bill away - FedEx sends us a bill and that is the end of that. I cannot tell you how much money we had to spend to cover the customs bills for our inconsiderate customers.

    I wonder if this happens to LVR too?
  8. Well, they've got my cc #. So I guess if that happens, they'll probably just charge my cc? ya think?

    I've heard it's about that true?
  9. I might be the only person who doesn't know this, but what is the exact website address to which you are referring, LVR?
  11. darn...your fast
  12. Our online system encrypts the data so we can never see the #; with that said we cannot "rebill" a card. Also, you can only hold a CC authorization for 30 days before it "expires" in your system, which is why I know that LVR charges you after 3 weeks if your bag is a "preorder" and has not arrived yet.