LVR-you can now order on their website

  1. Hi all! I received an email from LVR today letting me know that customers can now view availability and place orders on for Balenciaga bags their website! Here is the link they sent:

    Plus, as posted in anther thread they are offering free shipping on all handbags through March. If the shipping charge shows during your checkout, don't worry, they will manually remove it before they charge your card.

    Happy bbag shopping! :yes:

    PS I was dissapointed to see they are out of natural w/gh cities and works - they do have the brief, though.
  2. Thanks gwen. Wish they had the pics too, though. Can anyone pm pics from LVR?
  3. How are they getting this past Balenciaga? I noticed that two places that used to do online selling of Balenciaga - and - removed Balenciaga from their online shops (with a note to call them for more info). I figured Balenciaga must've contacted them and asked them to stop. Then again,, and seem to continue to do it unimpeded.

    Just wondering why the "no online selling" rule seems to be enforced rather inconsistently by Balenciaga.
  4. I'd like the updated pics, too. Can somebody pm me if you have it and I will give you my email? Thanks!
  5. Maybe LVR and Balenciaga finally came to some type of agreement regarding web sales. I hope so, this will be much easier than their old email/paypal ordering method. :yes:
  6. That's possible ... but then why did cultstatus and matchesfashion so recently stop doing it? That's the part that confuses me ...
  7. I don't think styledrops sells authentic goods and I thought I just recently read a pretty scathing review of rafaello-network as well.
  8. I thought Styledrops sold authentic bags??

    Over on the 'authenticate Balenciaga' thread, it has been said they sell authentic bags??
  9. styledrops does sell authentic merch!! i can't say it enough!!
  10. I think the problem was they were showing photos of the bags. I think LVR may be trying their luck by just listing the stock, and not actually putting up photos.
  11. Okay - that makes sense that they may be able to get away with it if they don't put photos up.

    But then there still is the question of why diabro, styledrops, and rafaello continue to be able to do so and get away with it (and all three of those online retailers sell authentic B-bags from all the evidence I have seen in their photos and on this forum - otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned them here to begin with).
  12. Thanks for the info!
  13. Hmmm. I preordered an athracite flat messenger that hasn't shipped yet. Do you think they would refund me the shipping cost?
  14. Am I seeing correctly that they have NO Cities or Works in regular hardware?
  15. Thanks :smile: