LVR Taking Pre-Orders for Purple, Ivory, Ocra & Forest Green

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  1. Thanks Maggien - I just went to LVR - no juane to pre-order - I'll have to e-mail and find out what is going on. I'm puzzled. :confused1: I think I need to call BalNY and find out if I am guaranteed to receive what I have been waitlisted for.
  2. Morning!

    That COULD be because I THINK Jaune is not part of the PRE-collection....but don't quote me on that! Good luck!
  3. You are completely right, Maggien:yes:
    I spoke with Balparis a week ago and my SA confirmed that jaune is not a part of the precollection, but a part of the collection. Major bummer - I was really hoping to get jaune soon!:hysteric:

    But violet is up for preorders on Luisaviaroma and violet is also collection instead of precollection - so I'm a bit confused as well as to why jaune isn't up for preordering.:confused1:
    But the have a colour named "ocre" and I was wondering if that might could be their name for jaune:confused1:
  4. In oil paints, there's a color called yellow ocre and it's basically a sunflower yellow, so perhaps it IS the jaune!
  5. Yup...I believe that's exactly what's going on. I'm going to try to attach a tiny example of what "officially" passes for "ochre" (also ocre/ocher in case you see that...). Unfortunately for those of us who NEED to know the EAXCT shade RIGHT NOW, we're S.O.L... Like every other colour under the spectrum, there is well....a spectrum! Ochre can have many different earthy being the most common. After which, I think, comes a greenish undertone. So this attachment (if I get it right!) is right down the middle.
  6. It's a big black bunny fur purse/muff (see my avatar, without the eyes!! :p) I'll see if I can find a shot.....
  7. Maggien... did you say PART TIME :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  8. Indeed I did!! :yahoo:
  9. I only see GIANT Part Times on their website. I'm just so over the GIANT right now...maybe I"ll change my mind once I see the silver.

    I saw that before! I just didn't see ICB's follow up about it being a muff! I guess that means that the bag is much smaller it looks, then, huh? It looks so cute in the photo, but I'm not sure how cute it would look without the hands in there stretching it longer... Hmm...
  10. :yahoo:OH MY :nuts:
  11. I hear your saturation....I'm getting a little GH'd out myself! Just sent an e-mail off to LVR enquiring about RH Part-Times for the fall. I'll report back when they do!

  12. Juane is not pre-season. BalNY, BalParis, Nordstrom, NM have all confirmed that this will be w/ the regular f/w season. I can't wait!