LVR Spring/Summer Balenciaga Clearance Begins! 30% OFF

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  1. LVR has some of their Balenciaga handbags on sale - I order from LVR all the time, so if any Americans have any questions on customs, etc., let me know. I know that the Euro is strong against the Dollar, but there are still some great deals to be had! And for all of my UK/European TPF friends, go shop!

    Here are some links:

    Giant City

    1195 Euros is now 837 Euros - available in black and truffle

    Giant City

    1195 Euros is now 837 Euros - available in anthracite

    Giant Work:

    1295 Euros is now 907 Euros - available in black, white, anthracite, truffle, blue glacier

    Giant Weekender:

    1425 Euros is now 998 Euros - available in blue glacier

    They also have other styles available!

    Good luck everyone!
  2. Many thanks Lovely! Great tip! Much appreciated! :yes:
  3. Heads up with LVR - no returns - sales are final. So be sure when you purchase.
  4. I am wondering what is the customs fee on orders from LVR? Is it 9%? Has anybody ever got charge custom from orders at LVR?

    Their prices are really good especially after taking out VAT. But I just want to make sure custom won't cost a fortune.

    Thank yoU!!
  5. I think customs are about 10% (it's been since Dec tho since I ordered from Europe).

    When do they remove the VAT???
  6. I'm very curious about the customs fees, too. I just purchased a bag and the price was insanely low, but it's not that great with a 10% increase.

    Hmwe, they remove the VAT once you enter your US address.

    Thanks very much for the pointer, lovely. I managed to get a bag I've wanted for a while :smile:
  7. Thanks for the links. Do you happen to have any more of their inventory?

  8. Thanks so much hmwe46! So helpful. :tup:
  9. Here is what I have experienced with customs/duty charged: First $1,000.00, no duty; everything after that 10%. Fedex bills you. That is what happened in my case, so I'm not guaranteeing what will happen in everyone else's case. I get mixed packages - some clothing, handbags, shoes, and I know there are slightly different tariff rates for different items, but I would say you would be safe to estimate about 10% after the initial $1,000. If anyone has a duty chart, please include a link. Thanks!
  10. Thank you lovelygarments for the clarification of customs fee...
    Do you think 30% off is the max at LVR? Some Chloe bag goes for 50% off and I am wondering if I should wait...

    Also... I saw your post on the fall collection... I am waiting to see what the Silver Giant City look like... I do like silver GH better than Gold...

    Thanks for all the information and help!! vbmenu_register("postmenu_2929971", true);
  11. On a $500 purchase I was billed $75 in duties to the US, and last year on a $1200 purchase, I believe it was around $130, so I'm not sure exactly what the percentage is- but fedex tacks on some fee for getting the item through customs.
  12. The sale will go to 50% off, but I don't know how long that will be. I bought Chloes at 50% off from LVR last year.

    If you want me to send you the PDF w/photos, I have it now. Just e-mail me, and I'll send it to you. I'll need your e-mail address because the PDF w/photos is too large to load on PF. :smile:
  13. I PMed you with my email address. Thank you very much!!
  14. lovelygarments, would you mind emailing me that PDF as well? I'm at

    Thank you so much!