LVR Spring 2007 sale!!!

  1. GREAT!!! Thanks!
  2. wow, there's heaps of stuff i want. thanks for posting!
  3. Just looked and a number of shoes are 50% off too
  4. Wow...there are some great MJ bags on sale!!! :nuts: Must resist beautiful bronze stam!!! :tender:

    Thanks for posting!!
  5. killer! i'll buy my 1st paddy from them :smile:
  6. I'm so gutted I was on there earlier and they had the Thomas Wylde scarves half price, just went back to buy one and they are full price again??!!
  7. What will US custom for things from LVR??
  8. It varies
  9. :hysteric:
    Oh, noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
    I just bought my self-made-birthday-present (Bal. City) and so I can't!!!!!
    Go and catch those beauties........

  10. :smile:Juneplum - I hope you get what you are looking for - and remember - just because they are 'on sale' you mustn't buy more than one:tup:
  11. :smile:I was on there earlier this morning - and the sale wasn't even on!!! I'm look:nuts:
  12. Hi, can someone tell me how much the prices would be in U.S. dollars? I'm totally lost...
  13. Go to and use the currency convertor
  14. Thanks!!! :tup: