LVR sold out their Patent Purple BAY?

  1. It's not there anymore? The teal green is *yippee*? This is the non quilted model and the one Div loved?

    Groan will it pop up on BlueFly next year, LOL???:lol:
  2. Yikes! I wasn't going to buy it from them anyway but STILL!? How dare they sell out of it so fast. Now there isn't a picture of it anywhere.
  3. Is this the trend for purple?? Gone, gone, gone??
  4. ??? I think in popular models yes!

    However purple this year will be plentiful, not only with Chloe but other uber purse designers. So the chances of getting a purple bag at a discount should arise IMO??? But will it be in a Chloe you love?
  5. I just saw one of the Bays at Saks in Houston... full price of course... it really does look like candy!! :drool:
    I am not sure which style you are referring to but the color is amazing!
    Though I am still too in love with my new argent Bay to consider...:blush:... yet...
  6. I noticed that a while back. I wanted to wait some before buying it so I wasnt spending lots of money immdiatly in the beginning of the year and then obviously there will be more bags I like and suddenly I will have spent a fortune but I am annoyed about it now because at least I wont get charged taxes from LVR. I am now hoping nap will get it in. But on the other hand both the green and the tan one looks good as well.
  7. I'm kinda liking that Vermillion.:love:
  8. ^ Miss Evil the Green DIV said was drop dead gorgeous when she saw it at LVR. She liked it just as much as the Patent Purple?

    llson that Vermillion is a tad redder than my epice quilted Bay (otherwise very similar shades). I wonder if Sacoche has anymore and you could get it for allot less?