LVR Sale bags

  1. Chloes have been marked down to 50% at LVR :tup:
  2. Excuse me for being stupid, but what does LVR stand for again:confused1:
  3. Here's the website.
  4. Thanks green_eggs!!
    I wish NAP would go down to 50%.
  5. Thanks:biggrin:
  6. Thanks for that. Ive just bought the Chloe Oliie studded bag in black. Its the larger of the two shown. Cant wait for her to arrive. My best buddy wanted one but they have sold out of the black. I will keep looking for just in case one pops up.
    Im now a happy bunny as this will be my 5th Chloe to my small collection.
  7. Is there a special link for the sales items. I can't get to anything other than full priced products.

    Maybe it is a sign, I shouldn't go there.:crybaby:
  8. Mummy24, Thank you so very much for this.

    Lescoy and Leanbeanee, :wtf: I hope and pray there are no East/Wests on this link.

  9. I'm half thinking of buying the edith messenger in mais... but I'm not sure about the colour...
  10. yeah im not sure about the mais either, maybe to yellow? if it were whiskey or chocolate there would be no heistation at all!!:s
  11. You are right, its a yellowy banana colour. I saw the colour in Florence when i was there admiring all the Chloe bags. Not my colour at all. Id rather go for Black or a milky beige.
  12. cream or beige would be stunning also! but i wear so much blue that the whiskey would look great!