LVR sale! 30% off!!!!

  1. LVR on sale!!!!!! Edith in a lot of colours and Paddy's in castor and jade, and the Paddy hobo in black and a front pocket in Bleu Nuit!!!! 30% off!!!!

    I am holding out for a muscade, but someone please snap these up!
  2. hi kmtlred! welcome to the chloé forum. luisaviaroma has actually had these 30% off since late december (or was it early january) and then about a month ago some Tracys went down to 50% off. we are now waiting for the rest of the bags to go down 50% off!!! that would be exciting!!!
  3. Whats the web address for LVR:confused1:
  4. Thanks Eucalyptic, I just could not for the life of me remember that address:shrugs: .
    Yeah more bags can you believe this:s I tell you I need to check myself into handbags anonymos:yes:
    I guess purse ban goes into effect when there's no more money to spend:shame:

  5. What is the exchange rate on LVR. That taupe Edith is beautiful at 500 some odd euros? But what is that in american $$$$$$$???????:shrugs:
  6. Remember to add in the customs as well ladies!

    Pretty hefty
  7. Oh noooooooo, this is the wrong timing I really want the mousse, grrrh:cursing:
  8. Thank you!
  9. custom fees are 35% (i looked it up). when you add that, plus shipping, plus exchange rates, LVR (at least when it's not on sale) is not a better deal than dept stores.
  10. I paid 15% customs fees for my LVR purchase.