LVR sale 30-50% off

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  1. seems to have all their Fall 06 stuff on sale for 30% off - I noticed a fair amount of Chloe Ediths and Paddingtons. And some stuff (Mulberry) was 50% off.
  2. They've had them at 30% off for a while. I'm waiting for the 50% off... heheheh... :yes:
  3. Me too!:graucho:
  4. When do you guys think the 50% off will be? I ordered an Edith from them, but I really want the Paddington. I'm going to exchange it, but if the price will go down I want to wait.
  5. I am wondering the same thing....
  6. yeah, I'm waiting for the 50% off too!!!:biggrin:
  7. Did you buy your paddington before they put up the notice of "no returns" on their sale items?
  8. will there be any 50% off?
  9. I'm not sure! I should check!! That would be awful if I couldn't exchange it.
  10. I sent an email asking when stuff would be marked down further and they didn't respond :sad:
  11. Have you all ordered from LVR? What's the conversion to $$$$$. Any idea? What's shipping like and where is LVR located?:confused1:

  12. Yes, they're slow about replying to emails.:s
  13. What's the conversion rate? Does anyone know how much the Novak is in US dollars.
  14. You can find this information easily through a web search.