LVR Sale 30%-50%off

  1. Oh no...I sense wallet is screaming and my credit card is saying "I just need a rest!"
  2. Soo want to buy but still out of my price range at the moment
  3. Not a bad sale at all, thanks! Can't believe the Heloise is on sale...

  4. Sale prices will probably be reduced futher after Christmas.:yes:
  5. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW MUCH IMPORT TAXES COULD BE ? IF I BUY FROM SWITZERLAND I PAY AT LEAST 50 EUROS LESS ...but i don't know how much local import taxes could be!Maybe i should have them sent to France???
  6. :love:those chloe flat edith boots are heavenly...

    thank god they don't have my size!
  7. Is there a way to change the currency? I would like to see the prices listed in US $

  8. thanks for posting!!