LVR Returns

  1. I mentioned in the other thread on Bleu Nuit that I did not like the new navy Paddy I got from LVR over the weekend. I e-mailed them immediately (last Saturday) and asked for a return authorization number so I could send the bag back. I explained that the colour was different from that shown on their website and that it did not match my wardrobe. I was fully prepared to pay for all costs associated with shipping, etc., counting it as my bad luck.

    Imagine my surprise when I got a reply from them today (Tuesday) and they said since their website did not show the true colour of the bag, they would ship it back via FedEx at their cost! :yahoo:

    This was quite unexpected as I did not think poor colour representation counted as a "defect", but obviously it did. Although I still have to pay import taxes on receiving the bag on my end, I would save a huge bundle on return shipping.

    Although LVR has not been the best in terms of timeliness of replying to e-mails or keeping me up-to-date with my pre-orders, I must say they are really quite accommodating about returns. :flowers:

    Well, let's see if FedEx really does come and pick-up the bag on Friday, and if I would really get a refund on the bag.
  2. They are indeed VERY helpful and is the reason I keep buying from them! At the begining they charged me 50 euros for shipping to Cyprus while on their website they said it is 30 so when I e-mailed them they immediately offerred free shipping for my next buy AND they fixed it immediately! I was so amazed!
  3. Thank goodness, they were a PITA to return to when I had to do it.
  4. I'm so glad to hear that Roxane! Now, what bag are you getting for it's replacement?? :graucho:
  5. Hi Roxane,

    That was very nice of LVR! Are you going to change the Navy paddy for another color?
  6. I will be returning the bag for a refund. I have pre-ordered a baby Paddy from LVR in Aicer that has yet to come. And I already have other Paddys in blanc, taupe, jaune, whiskey and orange. I was hoping for a blue, but I think I will wait for the new season's colours. I have too many Paddys as it is!
  7. you are going to love the acier. I have the hobo and can't stop carrying it. good to hear lvr helped you out. they have always been the best for me even when i bought my balenciaga and had to wire the money in advance. christina is the best.
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