LVR quilted bay pre-orders

  1. Did anyone else pre-order from LVR? I just started wondering when "March" is. :lol: Anyone know the projected arrival date?
  2. I emailed them last week, and they still have no idea of an exact date. They are promised delivery from Chloe in March, so will only say that orders will be processed by the last day of March! not exactly helpful!!!
  3. :yes: I had pre-ordered my Ivory Bay from LVR but couldn't wait so have one on it's way from Harvey Nichs :sweatdrop: I enquired at LVR last week and they just said it will be by the end of the month :shrugs: It won't be long I'm sure because all the stores are now getting the bags in :yes:
  4. Isn't it ironic they haven't got their bags yet, and yet, these bags are made in Italy, maybe even in Florence where they're at?
  5. lvr having free ship for all handbags - so am tempted to order my quilted bay !
  6. I just pre-ordered quilted bay from lvr, they said there were only 2 left in ivory colour so I had to decide fast!! :wtf: there's only one, I'm not sure what's the situation with other colours but they seem to go fast even they dont even have the bags yet!
  7. ^ they really are! I monitored the black situation and in about a day it went from 5 - 2, then 2- 0! I just got a confirmation email from LVR today for my preorder but I'm still so worried it won't go through!

    Eucalyptic: Yeah it really is ironic isn't it!? I hope they hurry it up a bit.

    Well, congrats to everyone who ordered! Hopefully we won't have to wait too long. :yes:
  8. Anyone know in the plain leather bays are in plentiful stock on LVR?
  9. ^ I'm not sure, but if you add one to your bag you can figure out what the maximum amount you can order is. Just put in high numbers until it accepts a quantity. :yes:
  10. oh good idea!
  11. I took the jump! I'm in too for the black quilted bay, whoo hooo!!

    I've never ordered from LVR before. Does anybody have an idea of what the custom charges will be??
  12. lenabean, it depends where you are, if you are within Europe, you are not liable for any customs, but if you are states or elsewhere, then you will be, and if you email LVR they should be able to give you an approx estimate of what it is likely to be :smile:
  13. the black is now sold out on lvr, i think they have 1 ivory left
  14. If LVR won't give you a price, you could pick a similarly priced bag that's made of leather ( and made in Italy) on NAP - UK site, then go to check out where it shows your total and it will show you the tax and duty charge! :yes:
  15. What's LVR? I'm new to this board.. usually hang around on LV site..