LVR Question

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  1. I know LVR is a Reputable Store. and Balenciaga do not allow reseller to sell their products online. but why can LVR sell Bbag online? :confused1:
  2. LVR isn't allowed to show photos. Balenciaga does allow LVR to list their stock online, but they just can't show photos. :yes:
  3. LVR sell genuine bags and send them out to you superbly boxed and wrapped. It is a thrill getting an LVR parcel!

    The goods arrive fast if they are in stock. Some people are emailed tracking numbers, others (like me) get nothing and the bag suddenly appears.

    LVR do answer emailed questions promptly.

    They email you images of the bags that they can't post openly on request.
  4. Yesterday I ordered the Giant Violet work via the website that they had in stock. I e-mailed several questions and got EXTREMELY quick responses to them!! They see just fabulouse to work with!!

    They also sent me a pdf file showing pictures and colors of bags they will have available.

    I will post pics of the package etc.. when it comes and let you know how long it takes from Italy - to the "wild west"!
  5. Oh congratulations - you lucky thing! I was hesitating over buying that bag and left it too late. I am dead keen to see your photos!
  6. Thanks everyone! :tup: I will go and pre-order the violet giant part time from LVR.

    Also, JBug59 congrats on your Violet Giant Work. Can't wait to see your beautiful bag. :yahoo:
  7. I order the violet giant city last night. It vanished off the colour options when I did it so I think that they have limited numbers on order. The part-time was still there, it was the last violet that LVR were offering. If you haven't put in your order yet, I shouldn't wait much longer.
  8. Does the price conversion from Italy to USD work out the same? Is it more or less $ to buy through them in the US?