LVR Package ON ITS WAY!!!

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  1. I know there are several of us who have been a bit nervous about orders placed with LVR...I got the phone call from FedEx, just spoke to them, and they are faxing my form and say my bag should arrive tomorrow! Wanted to let everyone know since we have all been panicking! My order was placed the night of the 8th (which was the morning of the 9th in Italy) if that gives anyone a reference point. Charging the camera batteries for PICS tomorrow!!!!!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  2. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Cant wait to see it....! HURRY!
  4. woohoo what a relief huh! My exchange wont reach LVR until the 16th, and I still havent heard from them about the exchange :cry:
  5. Fantastic - I am very excited for you.
  6. Yipppiiiieeee!
    PIIIIIIIICCCCSSSS please!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!
  7. ET congrats congrats congrats! Can't wait til your receive it, do post pics of it on your arm or something so we can all have a good judge of the size. Yay, happy for ya.

    Stillllllll waitingggggggg forrrrrrr myyyyyyy taupeeeeeeeee. Sigh.
  8. I's SO hard to wait!!!
  9. I'm so glad for you! It'll be SOOO worth the wait!
  10. Yay! Can't wait to see pics!!!
  11. Congrats!
  12. how exciting!
  13. Woohoo!!! Yes, what a relief indeed! Funny how LVR's correspondence is somewhat lacking after you've placed your order, and definitely poor if you want to return something.

    Nawth21, sorry to hear about your troubles with them. Please keep us updated. Hope they'll email you soon saying they've got it. I was thinking of getting a Choc paddy from them but have reservations..
  14. I heard from FedEx today, and they said the bag will be delivered tomorrow (Tuesday)...but I never did get a reply OR a delivery notice OR an order confirmation from LVR.
  15. LVR? what's that I am bad at codewords lol