LVR Order

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  1. If LVR has an item in stock, does anyone know how long it takes for them to process the order and ship the bag out (to the U.S.)? I ordered a bag last night and they have not charged my card yet. Just wondering. :blink:
  2. if it's your first time, it takes a couple of days for them to process it and ship. don't worry the shipping is really fast. you should get it in a few days.
  3. Thanks Fayden!:lol: I will try to be patient. Just wanted to make sure nothing was wrong with the order!:nuts:
  4. I ordered my Zippy on Tuesday, it shipped Wednesday, and it's on the truck for delivery right now. :nuts:

    I got a call late yesterday afternoon from FedEx and they had to fax me a customs form to fill out and fax back. I faxed it back and then called to confirm that everything was in order and it was, no problem.
  5. I ordered a bag on the 19th of Feb, and it was delivered to me on the 8th of Mar. So for me it was 3 weeks. But I think that was unusually long. I've read that it's a couple weeks. But, I got such a great deal, I didn't mind the wait.
  6. Update: I just received mine (I posted in another thread). My bag is perfect... the Paddy lock is immaculate (first time that's ever happened for me out of my three other bags) and the bag came packaged beauuuuutifully! I love LVR. =)
  7. Daisy, so happy for you! Did you post pics? Going to go look at your thread! Was it your first order from them? Did they send you an e-mail shipping notice? I thought they did that to make sure customers know about the customs policy? I don't care either way, as long as my bag gets here soon! I don't have a fax machine, though...but I think I can borrow my neighbors' if FedEx needs to get in touch with me. I placed the order and got a notice that the payment company had confirmed, but that is all I have received so far. Can't wait to see your bag!:nuts:
  8. ET: Yes, this was my first order with LVR and yes, they sent an email confirmation but it didn't really say anything about the customs form. FedEx called me at the number I left them and faxed me the form. But you do definitely have to fax this in or it can't get past customs!
  9. I got a confirmation at the end of the order screens, then a confirmation from the payment place, but that is all. Just checked my VM and no messages from FedEx. I placed the order late Thursday night. Hopefully I will hear something from them today. Should I e-mail them or something? They haven't charged me yet, either.:blink:
  10. It took about 3-4 days from when my preorder changed to available on their website for me to get an email about my shipment.
  11. Okay. So since my bag was listed as "available" I should give them 3-4 days. I did send an e-mail just to be sure they received my order. Will let you know if I hear back. Funny that some bags go right away and other orders don't. I received a confirmation from the payment place saying that my "purchase order" had been forwarded and they payment was confirmed, but nothing specifically from LVR. Just a little nervous, I guess. It took me forever to make up my mind which bag to I want to be sure my order went through before it is gone!:blink:
  12. I never received an order confirmation from LVR. Just the payment authorization from the gestpay place or whatever and then my shipment detail email with the tracking # from LVR. When I saw it was available I emailed LVR asking if that meant my preorder was going to ship and they replied with "I have no idea what youre talking about" and at the same time I got the shipment email :blink:
  13. Did the shipment detail come from LVR or FedEx? I had a similar experience with a Raffaello Network order, and the bag arrived before I ever received a shipping notice OR any response from Raffaello...but it was perfect and gorgeous, so I was happy. Fingers crossed...
  14. It came from LVR.