LVR order sent to Canada

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  1. I just wonder if anyone from Canada had ordered thru LVR? do they charge you an arm and a leg for the customs/duties?

  2. Don't know...but I CAN tell you that I just ordered a RH City from BalNY and the Customs/Duty was $265.25 Cdn.).
  3. ^^ I would be so upset to pay that much in customs.
  4. that sucks!!! :sad: but thanks for your input!
  5. Maggien

    That seems a lot!!! Have you look at what % they charged you on the Customs form? I think GST is probably included in $265.25 as well.
  6. i've never orderded from LVR but i did order a work last year from Bal NY, and I paid $240 in custom fees as well. not fun! the joys of canadian customs..
  7. Commisserations - UK Customs are dire too. I can only buy from outside the EU if I can get the seller to lie profusely about the nature and value of the goods.

  8. isn't it awful?? i do the same when i buy on eBay, i have to get the seller to go along with a "happy birthday!" theme each time... if customs kept track of my packages they'd have busted me long ago, so far i've had 5 birthdays in the last 3 months.. :shrugs:
  9. LOL! I'm with you on this one. If I was to count the number of birthdays I had in June/July - i'd turned 40 (i'm 26) in the span of 2 months! :smile:
  10. Lord - sounds like you are even naughtier than me!
  11. Lol!! The things we go through to avoid the Canadian tax & markup..