LVR - Order Confirmation Questions & Has Anyone Rec'd an Order from there recently?

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  1. Hi,

    I had never heard of LVR until I joined the Purse Forum, and I have been on a fast learning curve... I learned of one LVR sale in late November. I placed an order on Nov 28th, and I rec'd e-mail confirmation of the order - a taupe Paddington and a whiskey/tobacco kind of color python Silverado. 50% off. Great deal right!? On Nov. 28th, I rec'd an e-mail confirmation of my order. On Dec. 4th, I receive an e-mail saying that " wanted to personally inform you that we are awaiting the CITES documents for the Python Silverado handbag to be imported into the Unites States. (the handbags are both ready for shipment)." I have requested by e-mail an update on that order on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (today). Haven't heard anything back.

    Then LVR put additional handbags on sale - so I placed another order on Sunday evening (I think) I didn't write down the "T" number, and I didn't print anything out. I rec'd an e-mail confirmation on the first order, and I just assumed I would receive another e-mail confirmation. Well, I didn't receive an e-mail confirmation, and I tried to e-mail them about that. No luck. So, I decided to place another order, because I was thinking maybe I didn't click that final button. So I placed another order, and this time I wrote down the "T" number. I placed that order last night. I haven't rec'd an e-mail confirmation or anything from that order either. That order was around 4,000 Euros. The Sunday night order was around 5,000 Euros, and when I placed the second order, some of the items that I ordered were not available. So, I have sent another e-mail asking someone to please contact me. Have they rec'd the orders???? I tried to call the number several times, and it is busy.

    They have not charged my Amex anything, and I wish they would. At least I would know that they have my handbags/clothes altogether. Is anyone else having a problem?

    And I would so love to receive something that I have ordered. :sad:

    The only two Paddingtons that I have rec'd in record time are the first two that I purchased on Ebay, and the sellers sent them so fast. I rec'd them in two days from the date of my purchase.

    I have purchased two mini Paddingtons from Nordstrom's, and I haven't rec'd them yet, but I did see where my credit card has been charged.

    Any thoughts?:confused1: Annette
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Hi Annette,

    I just placed my very first order with LVR on Monday night for a Muse at 50%. My first credit card didn't go through coz there was protection and a transaction from Italy without prior notice from me just would not go through. I then used another credit card that went through. Both times I got an email message. When the 2nd credit card went through I also received a generic 'deal client' message from LVR letting me know they were processing my order.

    I have not heard from them since then, neither have a few tPFers who bought from them during the last sale.

    I am sorry I am not much help here, but just to let you know there are others who are in a similar situation. I think they probably have been hit heavily with all the orders coming in from the great sale - I mean, come on, who can pass up 50% off on already lower-than-US prices on a Muse??? And they have tons of Chloes at 30% off as well.

    I'd give them a couple of days, and try again.

    Good luck.
  3. LVR can get a bit slow during sales. And your large orders might raise a red flag at your cc company – they may be witholding payment until they have checked things out. You might want to call your cc company to authorize those transactions, or at least, the first one.
  4. Thanks - I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one who is having a communication problem. I looked at the Muses too! What a great deal on those. I almost ordered one, and I'm sorry now that I didn't. Of course, I just would really like to receive what I did order. :smile:
  5. ^ lovelygarments,
    I just received my mousse pocket paddy from LVR...but because they were awaiting my credit card co. to respond and authorize the payment and it was taking a while, I sent them an email that I would pay them via PAYPAL....I used my amex through paypal and I had my order here in several days. You can perhaps email them saying that you would like to know the status of your orders and if they are still awaiting credit card authorization, ask if you can pay through paypal....because the order gets processed and shipped out much quicker then...also I think I got a quicker responses when I wrote them through their email address of "" . Hope you hear from them soon!
  6. I've ordered things before with them too and its been a credit card hassel. They have always held the items until it gets cleared up.
  7. Thanks much for the information - I'll e-mail them tomorrow at that address, and see if I can pay via paypal. I'll also call Amex to see if they are slowing anything down on their end. :idea:

  8. Thanks for letting me know - I'm going to contact them, and see if I can pay through Paypal w/my Amex. Someone else suggested that. :idea:
  9. Roxane, Thanks I'll call Amex tomorrow to check things out there. :yes:
  10. Hi, I wanted to check out a paddy right now..
    It's around $986 before shipping, but I was wonder, will we have to pay for any tax and custom??
  11. Yes, you will. Shipping is 50 euro, which usually is in the $66 range and then you'll have a custom/duty fee of around 10%. That will be billed to you later by FedEx. Also, take into consideration that your credit card may or may not charge you a coversion fee, but those usually are around 1% or 2%.
  12. Orders over 1,000 euros - which are being shipped to U.S. are free shipping. :yes: You can find that info under FAQ on the LVR website.
  13. i bought a lot of stuff from LVR and they only takes 4 to 5 days after i ordered them. And I lived in Australia. Like you said you ordered a lot so, they maybe wondering why a person will buy so much at one time. So don't worry you will received them soon. We would love to see what you bought for 5000 euros! you lucky Girl! so far i spent from LVR around 3000 euros and my darling husband is not happy paying the customs here.

  14. I think my problem is solved - well, kind of...:girlsigh: :girlsigh:

    Here's the most recent message from LVR:

    "Thank you for your recent orders and your messages.

    We have three orders for you at this time.

    1.)We are awaiting the CITES documents for the Order T143**.
    2.)Order T 15*** with the 3 Baby Paddingtons and the Side Pocket Paddington and the mocassins is currently being “filled” by the warehouse “elves.
    3.)Order T 14*** with two other baby paddingtons, front pocket big Paddington, moccasin shoes and dress are also being filled by the elves.

    We have received many orders - I regret the delays in our communications.

    2 and 3 are slated for shipment tomorrow – Thursday, December 14th.

    Thank you again for your orders and your continued patience."

    So, I'm going to have quite a large shipment coming. I think it would be too confusing to try to explain that Order T14*** was my initial order, and that when I didn't hear from them confirming that order, that I placed Order T15***. So, I'll just sort it out when it arrives, and return what are duplicates.

    And I feel much better after hearing from them. :yes: And I can't wait for my packages to arrive! I'll post photos when the Babies are delivered. :heart:

  15. I like how they call them warehouse elves. :P I sent off an email just to check on the status of a Muse bag. Hope to hear from them soon!