LVR Now Accepts PAYPAL!!!!

  1. :yahoo:

    email I got this morning:

    Greetings from LUISAVIAROMA.COM!
    Here is the current catalogue of our handbag availability from the Balenciaga Fall Winter 2006 Handbag Collection.

    Order payment can be made by bank wire transfer or through the PAYPAL system. The PAYPALsystem allows our Valued Clients to use credit cards for the purchase.
    (For more information about how PAYPAL works, we invite you to visit:
    Please contact directly by E-mail with your first name, last name, shipping address, telephone number and item number that you are interested in ordering. will confirm the availability of the item (or its eventual arrival), communicate the total to be transferred and supply you with the correct bank routing numbers for the bank transfer or PAYPAL debit.
    Thank you again for visiting LUISAVIAROMA.COM.
    Customer Service Agent - Mari
    Customer Service Direct Line: +
    Skype: luisaviaroma
  2. Oh that's great, one way to pay out of fund without hubby seing how much I spend.
  3. OMG this is very good, i always believed the bank transfer wasn't for me but with paypal everything changes:happydance:than you easiders for let us know.
  4. i mean esiders
  5. woooopeeee - thanks esiders. one more cc to max out. what terrific news.
  6. Thanks esiders! Paypal will make life so much easier!
  7. hi esiders,
    do you know if they have a blueberry day in stock?
  8.'s not listed as being in stock.
  9. esiders, can you post the inventory? is that possible?
  10. of October 9th, they have in stock:
    CITY (€945): noir, greige, marron, rouge vif, truffe, sapin, grenat, bleu india, blanc, camel
    WORK (€1045): camel, blue india, sapin
    PART TIME (€985): bue india, marron, truffe, camel, greige
    THE FIRST (€865): greige, truffe, camel, sapin
    THE TWIGGY (€795): marron, camel, blue india, griege,
    PURSE (€765): rouge vif, griege, truffe, sapin, grenat, blanc
    BOX (€745): rouge vif, truffe, sapin
    MINI BOWLING (€795): rouge vif, truffe, sapin, bleu roi, grenat
    DAY (€675): sapin, grenat, rouge vif, truffe
    COURIER (€725): marron, camel
    TOILET CASE (€425): black
    MONEY (€325): truffe
    LARGE PADDED (€1475): black, marron glace (iced brown)
    SMALL PADDED (€1275): black, marron glace
    AFTERNOON (€945): camel, marron, sapin
    MID-AFTERNOON (€895): marron, camel, blue india
  11. thanks! you rock
  12. there is that ever elusive blue-india part-time that is posted on Balenciaga's site. hmmmm. soooo tempted
  13. hi esiders,

    thank you for the info and for giving us the current stock :yes:

    tomorrow I´ll try my luck at BalParis.