LVR is showing the mousse paddy as "available"

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Feb 6, 2006
Hi all of you who are interested in the mousse paddy:amuse: . Just checked out LVR to see if anythings been updated since I last browsed and the Paddington "new colours handbag" category is showing the mousse to be available. :biggrin: :biggrin:

If this has already been posted or is common knowledge.. just ignore, lol, and sorry for the repeat. Just got all excited over here!!

If you didn't know and wanted this colour in a baddd way, now's your chance!
I really like the 06 chocolate with the contrasting stitching:love:. The colour is so rich and delish! The mousse on the other hand is more a trendy colour but also very nice! But if I had to really pick one, I'd go for the chocolate.:biggrin:
Thanks for the advice. I was also just wondering if the mousse would spot during a rain storm. It looks like it would watermark. Have you seen either the choc or mousse in person?
Have seen the choc - very drool worthy! Have not seen the mousse IRL, only pics. Toyed with the idea of getting one but decided maybe a bit too trendy a colour. Yeah, I know what you mean about the watermark thing.. the leather in the pics look kinda smooth, suedey, huh?
Is anyone going to buy the mousse?

I am so tempted...but, I just can't spend money like that without seeing it IRL.

I learned my lesson with my anthracite paddy - I think I will call nordies and see if they have plans to stock the mousse. :idea:
I'm going to NM today to see if they have the mouuse. :biggrin: I came THIS close to ordering the small zippy on LVR but it was gone (or they only had the pic up but the bag wasn't available). Does anyone know if the lock is actually silver like in some pics?
boxyandme said:
I saw that too. I can't decide between the Choco or the Mousse. Which one ladies?
The Chocoate one IRL is a very yummy-looking, rich, deep chocolate brown color. You will love it. On the other hand, I have never seen the Mousse IRL but ladies, let us know if you see any @ Nordys or NM! I am sticking with the Chocolate one but later on I might splurge on another one! :smile:
boxyandme said:
You guys are fantastic. Love everyon'e input. It's sooooo helpful. By the way Annabelle, you ordered through LVR? Was it a pleasant transaction? I'm tempted to do the same.
Yes, LVR was pretty easy to order from. They were good about emailing my order confirmation, too. The best part was saving a few hundred (give or take a few dollars with the currency fluctuation and the time they will ship) I was quoted $1118.56 total at the time I placed the order but it may change a little by the time it ships out. Then I'll expect to pay roughly 10% customs fee. Not bad, huh?:biggrin:
boxyandme said:
I missed the boat! I'm still debating about which color. I was leaning toward the Choco, but I saw your whiskey and changed my mind again. Man, I'm going nuts!

Argh!!! Lol! That's what happens to me a lot! I can't seem to decide on something then the next minute, it's gone:cry: !

I wish you good luck in your decision making, heheh!:lol: I'm the same. Have the hardest time choosing one over another then just when I think I have it, I turn around and change my mind - shampoo, lather and repeat x 10!:wacko:

You've got something there with the choc. I just saw it available at LVR and I am thinking about it! You see, I heart the choc too! Let me know what u decide:biggrin: .