LVR has more Chloes on sale including minis

  1. Hi all,

    LVR has more Chloes on sale - go to 2006 Collection, and you can see them there. 30% off on the new styles.... :yes:
  2. Thanks Lovelygarments and Roxane! Though perhaps I should be angry at you, I so did not need to see those gorgeous bags at those prices, damn damn damn. I love the metallic blue nuit front pocket and the gris/vert paddy.
  3. ^ thanks for that post! but I just bought a mousse pocket paddy from them during their last sale so will have to just drool! :heart: Does anyone know if the gris-vert paddy is the same color as the mousse paddy?
  4. ^ I wanted to know that too. I would love a mousse
  5. I think the gris-vert is a darker version of the mousse – probably more versatile, if you ask me.
  6. ^thanks for the pic does seem darker than the mousse that I own~!