LVR -- Free shipping till end of March!

  1. Hey guys,

    LVR is waiving shipping costs till the end of March (I think it's usually E50?). I thought this was a really good deal since the bags come out to be cheaper than the ones in the US. They also have a much bigger selection. I bought a naturel brief with GH and they had a ton of other colors including anthracite.

    Let me know if you want the stock pdf. :smile:

    (I don't work for them but I thought this was a pretty good deal so I wanted to share it! :smile:)
  2. please pm te catalog to me. thanks!
  3. Can you PM to me as well? please!thank you
  4. they emailed this to me this morning and I couldn't open it. Would you mind emailing it to me again. Thank you, thank you!
  5. Can you please pm me as well??
    Thank you very much for sharing!!
  6. Thanks for letting us know!

    Can anyone from the US who has ordered from LVR comment on customs fees, taxes, etc.?
  7. wow! thanks for letting us know.

    & if it's okay i'd appericate it if you could PM me the .pdf as well!

  8. a million, zillion thanks if you could pm me the catalog :smile:

    you're a doll for offering :heart:
  9. hey i will definitely send it to you guys if you pm me your email, not too sure how to send the pdf through pm!

    will be on a plane for the next 18 hours but will send it to you guys through email when i next get access to a computer!
  10. OK guys, I'm about to order something off but it won't remove the Euro 50 off the shipping! How do we get the there a discount code or something?
  11. No coupon code - LVR will remove the shipping charge before they actually run your credit card. It is just an authorization on the website, not the actual charge. I emailed them about this same thing today and this was their response. I think their customer service is really great, so wouldn't have a problem w/this. What are you getting????? Oh, I just saw your signature - let me guess... natural brief w/gh???
  12. Thanks Gwen! Good to know. I gave up on buying the bag online (my cc wouldn't go through for some reason) so I'm gonna try to do the transaction via email. And yes, I'm hoping to buy a Natural GH Brief! Let's pray that they still have one in stock by the time they get my email!
  13. i've never ordered a bag w/ LVR, do the bags got charged for tax when ship to the US? thanks
  14. No, the VAT is deducted from the price. You will receive a customs bill from FedEx, but the overall cost is still less than if purchased in the US, plus no sales tax.
  15. this is music to my ears! :smile: