LVR disappointment - grrrr

  1. Just got this email from LuisaViaRoma customer service:

    "I regret to inform you that our Alexander McQueen supplier contacted our Commercial Department and informed Luisa Via Roma that your red small Novak handbag will not be delivered from our order. I truly regret this disappointment and any inconvenience it may cause you. I know how you were so looking forward to this piece. I hope you understand that this situation is an isolated case and we normally have excellent service from our suppliers that has allowed us to create our respected name in the fashion industry."

    Yes, I know. It's not the end of the world. But I sooooo wanted this little red bag - another colour is just not the same. A NO right away would have been less painful, I have been waiting for this baby for weeks, not to mention paid for it... And I have no idea when I'm getting the refund either.

    Well, sorry about the whining - just had to vent my frustration...
  2. I'm really sorry Vicky...that is a disappointment. I would stand on them to make sure the refund is instantaneous,rather than the usual "May take 2 credit cycles" or whatever it says in their blurb...

    I hope you still find your little red Novak from somewhere!!
  3. Vicky, I'm so sorry. Make sure you get your refund immediately. I hope you find a red Novak soon.
  4. Thanks, girls. Just got another mail stating that their Accountant Department would take care if my refund request immediately, so I hope that won't take to long...
  5. Sorry to hear that vicky :sad: Was it backordered or something?
  6. Vicky, how dissapointing! I'm sure the refund will process promptly. I hate getting those letters. That is the reason I like Ebay!
  7. Well, they just informed me that they would not get any. They still have the other colours, so I don't know why there was a problem with the red bags.