LVR Customs charge question solved for me anyway.

  1. I just received a phone call from Fed Ex. Trade that I will be receiving a bill in the amount $158 in the next 4-6 days for the customs charge on my GSH Work bag from LVR....

    SO....for all of you wondering :confused1:.... that's the charge I'll pay for customs. I ordered my bag on August 1 and received it on Aug. 7th if that helps with the timeline

    The bag cost $1,480.89 from LVR with the customs charge that brings the bag to $1,638.89. Anyone care to compare that to BalNY cost of a Giant Violet Work? Is that about the same amount - I'm guessing that it's pretty close! I believe I saw a Giant Part-time on Diabro for nearly that amount!

    Anyway.. I'm happy with my bag and the service I received from LVR... so all is well with me!:yes:
  2. Hi JBug - I think we ordered our violet SGH bags at about the same time. I'm still waiting for my FedEx bill. I think the price ends up being about the same as if we had purchased in the U.S. :smile: And I love my bag so much!!!
  3. Thanks girlie.
  4. Thanks! I am waiting for my fedex bill too. I guess it's still cheaper buying from LVR. I look the price from the reference libray. the Giant work is $1725.
  5. thanks jbug! I guess my worst fear was confirmed. I was kinda hoping that I could "skate" by with no import duty, but it is still cheaper than buying from bny. So I'll just be waiting for my bill....its ok though my bag is sooooo gorgeous. Its the perfect purple and the gsh brings out the bluer tones of the violet....
  6. I got my Fedex bill today. $163.02, I am in California. :sweatdrop: