lvr chloe sale

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  1. has tons of chloe handbag on sale. edith, classic pad, baby pad.......30%off

    YSL muse is on sale too. 50%off!

  2. I went to the site and they only had one Chloe and not much of anything else. When did you go on the site?
  3. go to 2006 collection-women's accessories
  4. they sell authentic stuff ritE?
  5. how about the ysl muse? can't find that either
  6. I've never order from LVR, but I think everyone said that it sell authentic stuff. Is it cheaper to buy from LVR if you live in US? I'm afraid of the surprised duties fee & conversion charges if I want to use US credit card? Does anyone has any info? thanks
  7. can someone tell me how to calculate it in US dollars? thx
  8. I think you have to multiply it by 1.3 (approximately) to get the price in US. You can use currency converter at yahoo/google..
  9. they sell authentic items for sure.

    You don't pay for VAT (you'll see the true price after you type your address). instead, fedex will bill you the duty which is about 10%.

    Shipping is 50 euro.

    The muse is also in the 2006 collection.
  10. thanks for the news! I got a medium paddy, came out to less than $1k USD, what a bargain.
  11. Got me a large muse. Woo!
  12. chipoman81- I got a XL Ivory Muse! Too bad they didn't have the black one, because I literally got one from Saks (about 2 hrs ago) and paid $1295.

    Thanks for posting Violet:flowers:
  13. Congrats on the XL.

    I too bought a retail price large Muse recently at Saks and am promptly returning, as I got the same exact bag so much cheaper.
  14. i want to buy a muse too, the large one, but how much they charge for shipping to united states and what's with the extra fee to ship to foreign countries outside of rome? thx
    can someone give me more info. i'm in California.
  15. Shipping is 50 euro ... translates to approx. $66 and some change. Then, the duties ends up about 10% of the total with items of this expense. I think anything under $250 doesn't have taxes/duties, but over that amount causes FedEx to hit you with about a 10% charge.

    Now, there will also be a currency conversion charge on your credit card, which is an additional fee that most credit cards charge. Still, you should come in under $700 for the bag that retails $1195 pre-tax in the US.

    You can go to - The World's Favorite Currency and Foreign Exchange Site for currency conversion help.