Lvr: Chloe Glady's 70% Off

  1. Thank you!!!! I'm so snagging that.
  2. You are welcome! It's very nice:drool:
  3. By the way, I love Cyprus. I go every year.

  4. Really?:nuts: You are the first one to tell me she knows and has been to Cyprus! I m glad you like it!
  5. wow, thanks for sharing this deal!
  6. Darn! I missed it!
  7. I found a grey Gladys at Nordstrom for 60% off. The sales lady said it was the only one left in the entire company. :smile:
  8. i missed it too :sad:
  9. dang, I missed it as well...
  10. Darn, I knew I should have ordered this from work. What a day! The Bloomies fiasco and now I lost out on this one.