LVR 50% off Chloes...

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  1. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, had I known that a week earlier...[​IMG] now I'm on a bag ban! Well, thanks for posting, some great stuff is up there, I hope some of you lovely ladies will grab them![​IMG]
  2. Thanks for posting.........gotta get through all these sales:sweatdrop:
  3. OMG me too, these sales are killing me specially this LVR one. Too many tempting bags!!
  4. Wasn't someone looking for a medium quilted bay?

    And I:heart::heart::heart: that Heloise Big wallet. It's tdf.
  5. Hey if I was flush with cash I counted like four things I would have bought. Agonizing here!
  6. That was me, and I keep going back to the LVR site, but I've gotten a Moka one now off eBay, which is just TDF, I love her!!!:yahoo: (same type as yours, will post pics possibly today or tomorrow), and of course the black one is tempting, but then I noticed they have a black one in the spring collection in a little bit different size, mine is 35x25 cm (I don't know how many inches that would be, 13.5 x 10 maybe?), and the new one is 30x20cm (12 x 8 inc.?), and I think I would rather like the smaller one next, so as I am on a bag ban anyway right now, I can tell myself it's good they are not on sale, but they maybe will be in a few months and then.... but then it's awful being on this forum this addiction thing is fed daily with new wonderful TDF bags...:drool: I'll have time to think about it....:graucho:
  7. :s What is this forum doing to me? I have just ordered the black quilted bay:yahoo:
    All though this is not spure of the moment thing as much as it seems like. I have thought about a black quilted bay for ages and then now when it is 50% off I will regret it later when I have to buy it at full price. Hopefully transaction will be smooth. My bank sometimes does not confirm stuff and that has caused troubles when I am shopping with new sites in past.
  8. Congrats Miss Evil! Such a beautiful bag!

    Love a tPF enablement! Yay! :yahoo:
  9. Ooo... thanks - I'm on a bit of a 'ban' too, but I don't seem to recall mentioning anything about itty bitty handbags in keyring form :graucho:
  10. AAArgh! My new wallet is even cheaper now! 50% off i/o 30%. Not fair?! Those gals could have warned me? It is just a week later! But - if I had bought it this way through the website and Customs and the mail I would have probably matched the price I did pay. STILL....waaaah! ANd I'm sure the LVR snotty pants would never do a price adjustment. I know Susie will urge me to try but I just don't see them going there.
  11. I want that little chloe paddington keyfob but they want to charge 50 euros to ship to the US :sad:
  12. Miss E...the black quilted Bay is a classic:tup:, gets better :heart:& better :heart:with age and you'll be using it for years to come, so think of it as an investment;) PLUS that LVR price was a total steal and you were right not to resist it if you ask me:tup: ! The LVR checkout process is a bit weird with new buyers what with their weird bank verification process. I used my PayPal account in the end which speeded the whole process up enormously.
  13. Div, step away from the 50% off'll only drive you nuts :nuts:. I bought my Noir Patent Quilted Bay from LVR when it was 30% and now that's been slashed to 50% off too :cursing:.I'm over it now, but I was not a very happy bunny when I first saw the additional price drop :sad: ( not to mention the fact that the bag in question was a total impulse purchase which I've now sold at a loss :sad::cursing::sad:)
  14. double post!